Day 363: A lesson from the cats

Day 363 ends with me sitting on the floor at my coffee table finishing off my shepard’s pie and watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

This calm and uneventful end to the day is a sharp contrast to how it all started.

At 3am I woke up to one of my cats about to spew forth a hairball on my bed, this continued off and on for 3 hours in various parts of my house. Each time I got up, and cleaned it up.

The wretching stopped about 30 minutes before my alarm went off, which coincidently timed perfectly with quite possibly the fastest REM sleep I’ve ever experienced.

Everything snowballed from there. I slept late, when I finally did get up I was so tired, doing the simplest of tasks was difficult.

I was 20 minutes late to work… in desperate need of coffee…. with extremely dirty hair but at least I managed to shave my legs and find a cute dress to wear!

I was able to wrangle some coffee from my friend at work that I like to call the ‘coffee fairy’. She stops at Starbuck’s every morning and is happy to help me out when I’m running late or are too lazy to make it at home.

As if that wasn’t enough for the day, 30 minutes before my show was going on the air I lost 8 minutes of content (the equivalent of 1/5 of the show). I managed to fill the show, and overcome the rest of the days hurdles and get back on track.

In some way I think my lack of sleep actually helped with my day, I was too tired to care.. too tired to get worked up about anything… it was strictly survival.

Is it a case of the chicken and the egg? Did the lack of sleep cause the chaos, or was it the universe helping me handle what was about to be thrown my way?

I will never know, but one thing is for sure I will find the gifts in each day no matter how irritating they can be.

I look forward to day 362 and the surprises that may be in store.


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