Day 362: Looking for love

It may be the last gorgeous day here before the heat settles in for 5 months, so I seized the opportunity to put the top down on the convertible on the drive home.

During the drive I started thinking about what I was going to write today and I realized it was a pretty uneventful and boring day.

Then I recognized a bit of a theme starting to form as I noticed the guy on the motorcycle next to me.

I seem to be looking for love… and quite possibly in all the wrong places.

I have found myself looking at any guy who may remotely be available either at work or evidently even on the road next to me, and I’m sizing them up to see their possible dating potential.

Ok I realize the guy on the motorcycle is a bit of a stretch, but I seriously thought about it! I even looked to see if he was wearing a ring!

What did I think he was going to do?? Write me a note and throw it in my car as we were driving down the road? Maybe hit me so he could get my number? Really, how desperate am I?

Meanwhile I have a few guys who are darn near throwing themselves at me, and I couldn’t be less interested.

Maybe this is the eye opener for the day. I’m looking at the guys who are safe, because I know nothing will ever happen. Obviously… because I made it all the way home and the motorcycle guy never once even looked at me, let alone threw a ‘do you like me check yes or no’ note in my car.

But instead of beating myself up, I choose to look at the glass as half full. Translation: I am ready to date again and I am selective and I know what I want, or at least I know what I might possibly be interested in.

So now its up to me to put myself out there and at least talk to a guy I might want to date… give them a sign… something… anything.

Maybe I should dare myself to sit next to a hot guy at the bar and strike up a conversation with him.

Stay tuned to hear the results of that one! On to day 361….


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