Day 360: Setting boundaries and making friends

It’s day 360, and there isn’t a whole lot to say.

I got some good advice from my best friend, I mentioned my dating dilemnas to her.

She knows both guys very well, and her bottom line is to shut them down with a ‘no’ and leave it at that.

She says, “so what if they think your a bitch? at least they’ll leave you alone!”

She’s right, I just hate hurting people’s feelings. But if I’m going to get what I want in life I’m going to have to be a straight shooter and not let these love vampires suck the energy out of me.

Meanwhile another friend, who I’ll call the Cheerleader, tells me she wants to set me up.

She sends me a picture of the guy on facebook, my first reaction was ‘wow I hope he’s going to a costume party’ the second picture however, wasn’t bad and it piqued my interest.

When I talked to the Cheerleader about it later, she tells me she’s never actually met the guy and he lives in a different state… ‘but we can make it work’.

In the interest of full diclosure she has been working and talking with him on a project for the past 6 months which does account for something.

But she left it up to me, we agreed I would ‘friend’ a random stranger for a potential love connection… is this what my world is coming to in the search for love?

Who knows??


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