Day 355: The Photo Bomb

I had a fun day today, it felt a little like the last day of school.

It started with some hot young professional soccer players we booked on the show.

I went outside to talk with them, and I swear as if on cue, before I could get to the door, one of them bent over in his white pants with his butt pointed right at me, as if he saw me coming and was trying to seduce me.

I felt like I was in a movie or maybe on candid camera, I can only hope the security cameras weren’t pointed at me because my inner bobcat came out for a split second, but I shook it off and decided I would talk to them later.

Well before I could get to it, the Cheerleader and I looked outside and saw them picking up our microphones, and taking their picture in front of our building.

So we decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a ‘photo bomb’.

We signaled to the photographer to keep quiet as we crept out the door, and snuck up behind the guy getting his picture taken… then we struck our best funny pose and ran back in the building.

We got back inside and turned around just in time to see the guy getting his picture taken checking out the photo, and looking around to see where we went trying to figure out what just happened to him.

It was like we were 12… but it was awesome! It felt to great to get the blood flowing again, and get that fun playful adrenaline rush.

It was a great reminder to not take life too seriously and take advantage of the moments instead of letting them pass you by.

I need more of that in my life, I need to keep my eyes open to see those opportunities and act on them instead of thinking about them and laughing inside.

I’m starting to see a trend.

From my relationships to the things I do for fun, I keep a lot of stuff inside. Not all of it is bad, but keeping anything inside and not sharing it isn’t good. I really really need to work on that.

I wonder how I got this way? I didn’t used to be this bad but somewhere along the way it happened. I guess in the whole scheme of things it doesn’t matter how it happened, I just need to keep it from happening more in the future.


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