Day 353: Speculation

I love speculation.

I’d rather sit back and wonder, guess and try to fit the puzzle pieces together and figure something out than to simply ask. It’s a bit like a game to me.

This all stems from a few random encounters with a guy at Starbucks. It started a few weeks ago.

We started talking while we were waiting for our coffee, just your typical small talk. Then a week later (and the day before my birthday) he was in front of me in line and bought my coffee, which was followed by more small talk.

And then we ran into each other again today, and yes you guessed it… more small talk.

After each exchange I learn a little more, but I obviously have quite a few questions… really how much can you learn in the 2 minutes your waiting for your coffee?

I know he works at the hospital, and the first two times he was pretty well dressed. So my first thought was of course doctor or administrator, but I’m a bit thrown my his car.

It’s a big Dodge pickup truck with a skull and crossbones sticker in the back window. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit of a pirate fan so the sticker didn’t bother me, it just felt a little ‘off’ for a doctor or administrator.

This last time I ran into him, he was more casually dressed, and mentioned he had to buy a tie for resident graduation… so now I’m really confused. He also said he recently traded up for an HDtv. Again, not very doctor like behavior.

I say this speaking from experience. Mr. Wonderful was a doctor, and not a flashy doctor, he was very humble, and Starbucks guy doesn’t quite fit the profile.

I could have asked, oh are you a resident? or are you a doctor? and it was on the tip of my tongue but I didn’t. I don’t know why I hesitated. It’s really a very simple question.

I think it boils down to me not wanting to appear like it makes a difference if he is a doctor.

I also thought about the possibility he is a nurse or tech of some kind, but I would think he would be wearing scrubs to work if that were the case. I suppose he could be a phlebotomist??

See what I mean? I really love to sit back and try to figure it all out, it’s fun for me.

So the game is on, and its kind of fun. I look forward to running into him and learning a tiny detail that could give me a greater insight into who he is.

I get the impression he is intereseted, and while I’m intrigued by him, I’m still not sure if I would go out with him if he asked.

I guess I would, but I would definitely meet someplace or have him pick me up from work until I could nail everything down.


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