Day 351: I can take a hint

Today I woke up to a very stark realization that I can’t eat what I want anymore.

The nachos I had for dinner did not treat me well today. They tasted so good, but this morning was a different story.

It’s a little like a hangover, at the time it seems like a good idea, until the next day when you wake up.

That kept me from being as productive as I would have liked but I still managed to muster the strength around midday to call my friend to see if she could help me get a tv I bought from the store to my house.

She sent her husband, and as we were walking into the store to get the tv he says to me ‘you’ve been single a long time haven’t you?’

Wow… now that’s a statement. It’s exactly what ever single 39 year old wants to hear.

I would have been offended, but I knew he didn’t mean it in a way that reflected on my social life or personality, it was more a commentary on my actions.

I know this, because he followed it up with ‘you need to let people help you’, a sentiment echoed by my best friend and her boyfriend last weekend.

That’s when we were picking up furniture at IKEA and I wouldn’t let her boyfriend help me very much of it.

I am just an independent girl, who liked to do things for myself if I can. I’ve been through this before. I do ask for help, when I can’t do it myself, but sometimes I end up waiting on the other person which makes me feel weak and helpless.

Although I do need to take a page from the ask for help handbook. My best friend was much the same way before she was diagnosed with arthritis, and now she doesn’t have a choice for a lot of things.

It’s like God fired a few warning shots to her, and when she didn’t listen he forced her to rely on someone else, which is how she found her fabulous boyfriend.

So it did work out for her in the end in matters of the heart, but her health is suffering, so if I can learn from her experience then maybe I should heed my own warning shots which have been pretty blantantly obvious.

Does it count if I called the cable guy to help me set up my tv? Once again, I thought I could do it all myself, and I got 99% of it on my own, it was that last 1% that I struggled with.

The cable guy was getting paid to help, so maybe that doesn’t quite count.

I think I got it now, I can take a hint…. can someone help me with tomorrow’s blog post??


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