Day 347: Perpetuating the fatigue

I’m feeling a little like I’m letting the year get away from me.

I get up, go to work, come home, watch tv, go to bed and start the whole thing over again the next day.

Not exactly going out with a bang.

I know I’ve said this before, but I really need to do something, the problem is I’ve been super tired the last week or so.

Call it a symptom of age, one late night and I’m doomed until I can catch up which is usually on the weekend.

Maybe if I just continue to stay up late and never let myself catch up I can just roll right into my next birthday.

Ok so admittedy that isn’t the best idea at least at 39… 29 is another story I may have been able to pull it off at that age.

Tired or not, the good news, at least on the boring end of things, is that I am going to a happy hour with the girls tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to it, it should be fun. I still need to figure out what to wear, sassy and powerful in jeans and heels, or cute and comfy in a srapless maxi dress…. maybe i’ll go with my mood in the morning, or I’ll take 2 different outfits and figure it out after work.

It’s funny, I had a conversation with one of the girls I’m going with tomorrow, about how when you start to feel bad about yourself, you get depressed and then you have a cocktail which just makes you hungry, and of course you eat, which just makes you fat perpetuating the whole cycle.

It’s hard being a woman! But it’s definitely worth it. I can’t imagine being a guy and having to put myself out there just to ask a girl out. I’d be single forever!

Here’s hoping there will be an interesting and brave guy at the bar tomorrow… although I’m perfectly happy with some much needed girl time.


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