Day 346: Twinkies and Eggs

There comes a certain time in your life when, as a woman, you start to think about whether you’ll be able to have kids.

Since I’m approaching 40 and don’t have any romantic leads as of the moment, I figure I’m pretty much out of the running.

Some of my friends are married and mid-30’s and trying to decide if they want kids, because if they do, they know they need to get working on it.

That was part of the conversation at happy hour tonight.

One of the girls was telling us how she was trying to explain to her husband that there are inherent risks with getting pregnant later in life.

I said ‘you know guys just don’t get it, did you explain to him our eggs are like, well, eggs?’ You know, they have a limited shelf life, and if you leave them in the fridge past that date, well, we all know what happens.

Men have such a limited perspective on the whole thing because sperm are pretty much like Twinkies! They can go through a nuclear holocaust and not be phased.

It explains so much about how we communicate and live our lives. Some men have the Peter Pan syndrome going on, they don’t want to settle down because they know they have a lifetime supply of Twinkies, so they don’t have to.

Women are racing against the expiration date on the side of the carton, hoping they can be successful in work and get ‘cookin’ as the clock ticks down toward the date that’s looming.

I’m also really starting to understand the ‘cougar’ thing.

As women we get more confident with age, we’re less concerned with our cellulite because we know there’s nothing we can do about it.

Let’s face it you could spend 20 hours a week on the treadmill and it would probably stil be there.

Because we’ve been there, done that, if we end up doing something our friends don’t necessarily approve of, we don’t really care, because it’s not the worst thing we’ve ever done, and we know our friends will always be there.

Young men tend to be pretty confident, they think they have been there and done it all, not to mention the need to impress and win at all costs.

And then there’s the raging hormones for both at the same time, so I totally get it. I’ve said it before, I need to pass through bobcat-ville before I can officially settle in cougar-town. So warm up the car I’m on my way! HA HA


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