Day 345: Another riveting day in my life

Today its a tough one to write about.

Nothing much happened. I planned to stay inside and hide out all day because of the record triple digit temperatures.

Sure I know I live in the desert and this is my life for the next 4 or 5 months, but I’m living in the land of denial.

If I don’t go outside it won’t be real, it’s a pretty good plan until you realize your becoming a hermit.

I did get up and make it to a massage at my chiropractor’s office, which was much needed.

I came home and started cleaning because one of my friends is coming into town next weekend from LA.

I can’t wait, except for the cleaning part. That sucks.

I also planned to watch the Cardinal game, which was on tv. I was so excited for that because I don’t get a chance to see my team play very often, and I absolutely love baseball.

So that was the plan, I managed to get a couple loads of towels done, and do a massive cleaning on the litter box… yeah I know TMI right?

Then my BFF called and wanted to meet for a quick bite. I hesitated, but only because I didn’t want to shower just go out…. how sad is that?

Well I wasn’t too pathetic, I did hop in the shower and meet her for a salad, then came home and fell asleep on the couch.

Another riveting day in my life.


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