Day 344: Anxiously anticipating fun times ahead

I am getting ecited for a few things I have coming up.

As I mentioned, my friend from HS is coming to town from LA next weekend.

We always have a good time so I’m really looking forward to it. She just makes me laugh, and I need that right now. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been feeling a little down recently.

We’re going to go to a baseball game (yay!), having a spa day, and we may even hit the mall.

I always end up with some super cute accessories when she’s in town. She’s like my stylist, so hopefully we can get some shopping time in… if I can afford it after a spa day.

I’m also getting more excited about my trip to the CA wine country. Although it is causing me some angst.

I will be going over Father’s Day weekend which isn’t a big deal really, except that when I call home and talk to my family especially my dad the conversations seem to last a really long time which isn’t the best when your on vacation.

I can call before I leave which I’ll probably do, just to make sure I can get some good quality time in with him, but I am concerned about explaining why I’m calling early.

Sure, to say I’m going on a small vacation and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to call is reason enough.

But I have a problem limiting what I say. You see, I’m going with Mr Wonderfu’s mom. We’re going to visit her other son and his fiancee, which will be very nice.

I’m just concerned my mom will be hurt that I’m going on vacation with Mr Wonderful’s mom, when I haven’t ever taken a mother daughter vacation with my own mom.

Obviously Mr Wonderful’s mom is not my mom, but i can understand how my mom could get upset about me getting close to her.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a pretty independent girl, and that means I don’t call home every day, or even every week. Sometimes it’s a month or two before my family hears from me.

I live in the same town as Mr Wonderful’s mom, so we hang out quite a bit. We go to happy hour, church, even events and I’m sympathetic to my mom that doing those things must be hard on her.

On the other hand, my family doesn’t come out to see me very often. Not that its an excuse for either one of us but I’m just saying it goes both ways.

They do own their own business and I know it’s hard to leave so I completely understand.

So in honor of my upcoming wine country days I’m having a wine spritzer while I get the house situated for my friend and take in yet another baseball game. 😀


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