Day 340: Be present

I started the day with the best intentions, and amazingly enough I was 2 for 3.

I usually try to get to work on time, straighten my hair, and make my coffee, and I end up being late, going curly and stopping at Starbucks (which is why I’m late most days).

Today it was a little different. I had a different set of priorities. Sure I thought about straightening my hair, making my coffee at home, and getting to work on time.

But the most important thing I had to do was stop for donuts for my directors birthday.

So I got up early, which is an utterly amazing feat for me, especially recently when I’m doing whatever I can to avoid going to work, and I got out the door earlier than I have in years.

My other priority was to stop in at Starbucks to try to give the guy my number.

Well I did succeed with the donuts, stopping at Starbucks and getting to work on time.

I did not have any luck giving the Starbucks guy my phone number.

You see, he wasn’t there today. Granted I was a little earlier than I usually am, but by the time I left he should have been there, and he wasn’t.

So now I don’t know if he’s avoiding me or if it was just the luck of the draw.

Combined with yesterdays activities I’m leaning toward the avoidance theory, although I’m not quite convinced of that one and I feel I do need to trust my intuition.

I was right in the end about whether he was interested. I did question myself, but in the end I was right.

So the short moral of todays story is to listen and trust your gut.

Once I got to work it was a pretty good day. I actually had a great conversation with one of our guests.

It was brief but the lesson to be learned from it was clear.

Everyone should cherish every moment, and be present in those moments.

If I had done that with the Starbucks guy he would have had my number by now and I wouldn’t be having this conversation with myself.

Being present is difficult for me to do. While I’m not a planner, I am strangely enough always thinking ahead to the next immediate thing, always running through life to the next thing that’s on my plate.

So one more thing to work on, but it is hard, as anyone who has been walking on this planet for any length of time will tell you, for a leopard to change their spots.

But I’d like to try because I think life will be a little brighter if I can.


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