Day 339: Single and ready to party?

I took the day off to spend with a friend who came in from out of town.

A lot of my friends have kids, and its not like I haven’t been around them before, but today I am learning I am a lot different from them.

I can’t imagine myself with kids. I can barely discipline my cats, let alone a person.

Maybe there is something inside us that makes us inherintly different.

As I talked with my friend today I don’t think she’s ever been much of a partier, and the more I think about it most of my friends who are… are single.

The ones that weren’t got married pretty quickly. Then there are a few that did party earlier in life, but calmed down with age and got married later.

I have to say I have fallen into that category. When I met Mr. Wonderful I wasn’t doing a lot of partying, and thats how it was while we dated. I wasn’t holding myself back, I just didn’t have any desire to do it.

So is that the key to finding love? Eliminating the partying? And am I ready to do that for the sake of love?

Don’t get me wrong, its not like I’m out every weekend raging like a college student. But every once in a while I will tie one one.

Maybe the partying is a symptom of the bigger issue of not being ‘ok’ with myself, which is the reason for not finding love.

That seems more reasonable than the other theory which I’m sure scientists have just been waiting to put a study together on.

Not to mention, I’m sure there are happy couples who love to party and have found each other.

Or maybe, just maybe the secret to finding love isn’t so secret after all… just be true to yourself where ever you are in life and it will happen when its meant to happen.

That seems to be how it’s always worked for me in the past… and I guess that means I still get to party a little bit… so sign me up!


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