Day 338: Feeling your age

Today was all about indulgence.

My friend and I started off at the spa with massages and facials.

There’s something about going to the spa that makes you feel like a queen.

The last two times I have gone, I swear I feel like Cleopatra, with a herd of servants waiting on me, whose only purpose is to pamper me and make me feel good.

I know that’s kind of the point, but for whatever reason it’s never really dawned on me before.

Maybe because most times I just head in for one treatment and go. These last two times I’ve had 2 treatments.

At one point during the spa day we were talking about my friends husband and her son and we both agreed that we can’t believe how old we are.

It’s absolutely crazy to think we’re both rolling up on the big 4-0.

Me quicker than her, because I am a year older than she is, but none the less, it is in the back of our heads for sure.

So much so, she can’t even say it…. she kept saying the ‘F’ word.

Don’t get me wrong, I am most certainly not comfortable with it, and its definitely not easy for me to say either.

But she’s already thinking about it. I’m glad I’m short sighted enough that I at least waited until I turned 39 to obsess about turning the ‘f’ birthday.

Because I would have driven myself crazy if I started any sooner than I did.

The reason it’s hard for us to grasp this upcoming birthday is because both of us feel like we’re in our 20’s.

It’s a little like an out of body experience… like your brain didn’t age but the rest of your life went on without you.

You don’t feel any different but all the sudden you look around and realize ‘wow I’m not 26 anymore… I have a husband, and kids’.

Or in my case my friends have husbands and kids that are getting old, how did this happen because I’m still 26? Oh wait… I’m old too!

Now the world is passing ME by too, beause in a way I’m living vicariously through them. And they are probably living vicariously through me.

I wonder if I’ll feel this way into my 40’s? Whether the age you feel vs. actual age, carries with you for the rest of your life.

I suppose if my father is any indication it does.

He is still the biggest kid I know, and that’s what makes him so endearing.

It’s also the reason my mother one day said to me ‘If you think they (men) ever grow up your sadly mistaken.’

It’s one of my favorite phrases from my mom, and one I enjoy sharing with other women having a hard time with their boyfriends and husbands.

Because its true, and if you can get past it and remember that’s why you love them you’ll be a better and more sane person for sure.

So the moral of the story today is it’s ok to keep your childlike spirit.


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