Day 337: Life’s too short

I’m absolutely exhausted.

Running all over town with company is tiring. I love having my friend here but I did more driving in the last 2 days than I do in a week and a half usually.

This weekend was also a little mentally exhausting.

My friend likes to obsess a little bit. Most of the weekend was dedicated to whether her husband was going to walk the dog.

Over and over and over…. and over again it came up.

We all tried our best to reassure her the dog wasn’t going to die or be harmed by not getting 3 walks a day but there was no reasoning with her.

She’s a very determined woman, and when she wants something she wants it.

And she will do everything within her power to get it done.

She is also very flexible. It’s not like she’s a diva, she just has a little OCD when she gets something stuck in her head.

Throughout the conversations I said to her ‘life’s too short to worry about these little things your holding on to, you should let it go’.

She says its just who she is, and I can respect that.

The funny part of the whole day is all day that has been running through my head.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, just let it go, life’s too short to worry and obsess about every little thing.

Then tonight as I headed to the fridge I saw a magnet my BFF got me.

It reads ‘I will not obsess. I will not obsess. I will not obsess.’ because I tend to obsess a little bit, if you hadn’t noticed from the entire Starbucks guys drama.

It’s funny how life will slap you in the face sometime with a little reminder to not be too critical of those around you because you could be just a little bit more like them than you think you are.

This was one of those occassions. In fact I’m probably obsessing a little too much about my friend’s obsessions… hmmmmm… wow that’s all kinds of bad.


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