Day 336: Time’s not for wasting

I’d love to really ‘live’ each day of my life. That is what this is all about, but what is living?

Does it mean traveling? Taking the opportunity to go to a spontaneous happy hour? Or simply having a glass of wine with dinner?

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I opted for the glass of wine with dinner, but that’s not something that is living on the edge for me. It’s pretty common, so what can you do to live each day to the fullest?

Traveling every day isn’t an option because you still need to hold down a job to support the fun you want to do.

I guess I’m just feeling a little stifled, and closed in.

I want to be free and run away and do all the things I dream about, but being a responsible adult doesn’t allow that to happen as much as I’d like.

So I guess I’ll just have to take it in bits and pieces. I do have a trip planned starting in a few days and that will be fun.

If, I can get over the guilt of leaving my kitties, and find someone to watch them while I’m gone.

One of the cats is sick, and has been since he was a kitten. He needs medication twice a day which only adds to the guilt and stress of leaving.

I’ve always thought life is about the little things, and I guess that’s how I should think when it comes to ‘living’.

I did stop for coffee again this morning, hoping to put myself out there and offer up my number, but once again no sign of Starbucks guy. So my attempt to start the day ‘living’ didn’t exactly work out.

So I decided to follow up on something one of my friends suggested I do a few weeks ago.

The Cheerleader suggested I facebook friend someone she works with in another state.

Today she asked me about it again, and so finally I decided to do it, because I need to live! At the time I was thinking, what in the world are you doing?

In fact I still think that a little bit, but I’m nagged by the encouraging phrases on my fridge ‘do one thing a day that scares you’.

So I put in the request and waited to be rejected (I know great attitude right?), well much to my surprise, he accepted.

My heart skipped a short beat and then reality sunk in. How many friends do you actually talk to on facebook? Am I really going to talk to someone I don’t know?

Even if it doesn’t amount to anything I still got a small charge out of it and that was worth it.

Then I saw that we have another mutual friend, who sent me an email saying ‘I didn’t know you knew so and so?’ I didn’t even know how to respond.

What exactly do you say to that? No, someone is trying to set me up via facebook and your friend probably doesn’t know about it.

I managed to avoid the question and just move on, so only time will tell.

On the way home tonight I heard another Jimmy Buffett song that served as a good reminder for me.

I’ve heard his songs a thousand times, but every once in a while a line hits me like it’s a message sent straight to me.

Today it was the song Chasing Lost Echos. There is a line in it that says ‘Time’s not for wasting… no time’s not for that’ So true… so true….


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