Day 333: Procrastination is king

Why oh why do I wait until the last moment to do pretty much everything?

As I sit here, I’m only partially packed for my trip tomorrow.

I’ve started this new habit of having a cocktail while I pack. It’s a great way to get the vacation started, but not the best way to be productive.

But since I’m a huge procrastinator, I figure I won’t be productive anyway, so why not have a drink and at least have fun?

As I sat immersed in one of my procrastinating moments this evening I texted my friend the Coffee Fairy.

She had a great idea…. ‘stay up late drinking, then throw all your black clothes in a suitcase and be done with it.’

I have to say it’s a pretty good idea, and one that is very tempting at the moment. But the thought of spending 5 days wearing all black could push me over the edge.

Instead I prefer to take a hodge podge of clothes that are thrown together and may or may not match, and quite possibly may not be appropriate for any activities we have planned.

But this is how I live, at least for now. I’m not going to count out a reversal at some point but so far its not working out very well.

I always have the best intentions, but this time I was pretty proud of myself because I actually acted on them.

I started getting things together earlier in the week, and then about the time I started to feel relaxed and stress free, I stopped… and here I sit.

The same thing happened with my dad’s father’s day card. For the first time in like…. ever… I bought the card about 2 weeks early. It was absolutely unheard of in my world. Less than 30 minutes after I got it home, I lost it!

I drove myself bonkers for 3 days looking for it. I even thought maybe I left it at the store, and then I found it… only to put it in the mail late.

My entire family is a clan of procrastinators, I guess we travel in packs. We’re like a herd of people that works better under pressure.

It’s good we are all the same and understand each other because otherwise our feelings could really get hurt.


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