Day 332: The Hippie Theory

San Francisco here I come! I’m off on my fabulous little vacation.

I have forgotten how much I love San Fran. It has been 15 years since I’ve been here, so I suppose that’s reasonable.

It’s funny how seeing the same place through older eyes can make you appreciate it more.

I remember liking it the first time I came in college, but I remember liking the ocean and alll the cultural mix that I didn’t get growing up back home.

The same holds true today, but I have a much greater appreciation for it all, which makes it all that much better the second time around.

It’s our day to get oriented, so low key is the name of the game. We decided to go to the marina to walk around a little.

The winds were gusty, there were white caps on the water and I can’t believe how cold it is in June!

We were walking along the bay, while the others went to get the car and a car drives past me and my friend. When I look over I see the window is down and there is a guy inside checking us out and he slows his roll past us… he smiles and waves.

I waved back, trying to be ‘California friendly’, and then it hit me, he wasn’t being friendly he was trying to make his move.

I can’t even cross state lines and get away from the crazy boys! The same thing happens when I’m home.

I went to happy hour a few weeks ago and some old man in a beater pickup truck followed alongside my car for a block or two, then when I glanced over (against my better judgement) I see him checking me out. He was trying to make the moves going 40 miles/hour while driving!

He gave me the head nod. You know the one where they keep eye contact and then slightly raise their head to give you that subtle, ‘hey baby’ maneuver.

Now I know texting while driving is bad, but this should be against the law too! The freak out factor on my part was enough to drive me off the road, and he certainly wasn’t paying enough attention to the road to be safe!

I think I need to write my congressman on this one.

After that experience we headed to Berkeley to walk around and kill some time before dinner and it hit me.

I need to ignore these crazy boys in my life that I don’t want anything to do with, like I avoid the homeless people begging for money on the street.

You know the ones that you have no interest in outside of friendship. But you agree to go out with them as friends, and they hold onto that friendship as a sliver of hope that someday maybe you’ll see things their way, and they never leave you alone.

So that’s the key, from now on treat the boys I have no interest in, like street people.

Now I just need to figure out how to treat the ones I DO like!


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