Day 329: Drowning in the Dating Pool

Why is it that men my age always seem to be uninterested in women their own age?

I suppose its an age old question that has baffled societies since the dawn of time. Men like younger women and that’s no surprise, but that doesn’t mean I understand it.

As I’ve perused the vineyards today I’ve noticed a trend. The men behind the counter seem to pay much more attention to the young girls at the tastings.

Not that I blame them, because I don’t, I do have a slight understanding of the male psyche and I know they like pretty young girls. But that doesn’t mean its any easier to accept.

How do you deal with being on the up-hill climb of the age hill, looking at girls being flirted with knowing it wasn’t that long ago you were on the receiving end of the same behavior?

I feel like a young woman trapped inside an old woman’s body, not fully understanding exactly why I’m not the object of the firtation.

It doesn’t help that I look young for my age, which just makes me feel worse about the lack of flirting. If I look young then why isn’t it happening?

We walked into our first winery of the day to do some tasting, and the winery owner was probably in his early to mid-40’s. I thought he was kind of cute so I tried to make eye contact and show some interest but he didn’t seem to be taking the bait.

I did see him look at my ring finger to access the situation, but that was about it.

I cut my losses bought 2 bottles of his wine and thought about joining the wine club and then took his suggestion for the next winery and hopped in the car.

When we got to the next winery there was another guy behind the counter, if I had to guess I’d say he may have been mid-40’s, and once again he was the owner. We walked in and stood there for a few minutes, and wondered if he even saw us… because he was so transfixed on the trio of lovely ladies in their early 20’s that could have been his daughers.

I’m not exactly what we did to draw his gaze away, perhaps we pulled out our wallets and the sight of cold hard cash was enough to divert his attention to us long enough to give us a couple samples of the vino.

He eventually loaned the trio of young ladies his personal collection of bikes to take around the grounds and you’d think after they were gone, he would have then focused his attention on us, but no…. he kept staring out the windows longingly as if he was perusing his kingdom waiting for the pretty peasant girls to come back and entertain him.

I just don’t get it…. these are men my own age, and they should be paying attention to me! I look good for my age! What has happened? Have a I lost my mojo? Or is this just part of getting older? Or could it simply be the age of the men and a slight mid-life crisis on their part? I’m going with it all being the man’s fault, because it seems to be a behavior issue.

How am I ever going to find someone when I’m dealing with this type of dating pool? I feel like I’m on my tippie toes in the deep end struggling to keep my head above water.


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