Day 327: Delusional Dating

We had a wonderful trip but it was time to head back home.

Mr Wonderful’s mom and I headed to the airport to wait for our flight. Since it was delayed we took it upon ourselves to grab a cocktail in the airport bar before heading down to the gate.

By the time we got there, we were feeling pretty relaxed and happy.

We got in line to wait our turn to board and she starts looking around pointing out a couple of cute guys that were getting on the plane.

I joined in because… well why not? It’s quite fun! It was a good ‘girlfriend’ moment to have and I got caught up in it.

I had no idea she was planning on sitting next to one of them on the plane in hopes of striking up a conversation…. and possibly getting me a date.

It’s good I didn’t know because if I had I’m sure I would have been nervous and tried to convince her not to do it.

We got on the plane and ended up sitting next to an older man which was perfectly fine with me because that’s what I always end up doing. It’s safe and comfortable and I’m ok with that but it’s not going to get me what I want that’s for sure.

I had written off the potential opportunity until we we landed. Of course, that’s when I thought I’d make a last ditch attempt to connect with this random stranger sitting two rows in front of me on a plane.

My plan was to make eye contact and see where it went. The moment was mine… I saw him turn in his seat getting ready to get up. As he turned around to check out the back of the plane, I shot him a quick look…. and it worked… sort of. I’m not sure how effective my flirting was, but I did catch his eye a few times…. whether he thought I was a stalker or cute was beyond me at that point, but I was encouraged.

After we got off the plane of course it was time to head down to baggage claim and pick up our luggage, but we needed a porter.

Somehow we ended up with the slumpiest, dumpiest dude in the airport, but we needed him for a couple of reasons. One… our bags were 50 pounds or more… and two we couldn’t lug all of our bags and two boxes of wine by ourselves.

As we walked up to the luggage carousel I saw the hottie waiting for his bags. I didn’t pay much attention past that point because we were on the hunt for our bags and the wine, which was of the utmost importance.

Eventually we loaded up the cart to the brim, and I look over and the hottie was standing right next to me.

I gave him my best sidways glance, with a flirty smile, only to smile bigger once I caught his eye. He smiled too, and I got a little excited thinking maybe my smile would do the trick and we would strike up a converation.

We were standing close to each other so it was possible… but I guess I need to work on it, because he walked out the doors and went on his way. But, he did take a few quick glances our way before crossing the sidewalk and walking out of my life forever.

Maybe I’m just delusional to think smiling at a guy in an airport would be enough to start a conversation and possibly even lead to a date.

Especially on the tail end of a flight where there is no time to even continue the hypothetical conversation.

What was even more sad was our continuing effort to speculate about his dating status, and whether he was looking at me after he had crossed the street and moved on to his car.

He was gone… what were we going to do? Hunt him down on the bus to the parking lot like a deer in the woods?

Bottom line… I need to work on my flirting techniques but I do think it is getting better.


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