Day 325: Morning commute theory

I thought I’d stop for coffee this morning in hopes of running into Starbucks guy.

By the time I left the house I figured I was running too late, but I needed coffee.

I got a call from the Cheerleader on the way into work to talk a little more about the work situation and I offered to get her a coffee too.

I went inside, it was a pretty short line so even though I knew I was going to be running late I knew I could get my drink quickly.

By the time I paid my drinks were ready and I was on my way, all I had to do was get into my car and take off. I’ve done it a hundred times, but for some reason today it was like I was trying to speak a foreign language for the first time.

I got to the car and couldn’t find my keys, so I sat one of the drinks down then I found my keys and I couldn’t get the door open.

I finally got in the car and took off. In my attempt to rush to work, I left before putting my seatbelt on and with my sunglasses on top of my head.

Meanwhile I had to hold one of the drinks because my gearshift crushes the pretty much anything in one of the cup holders. The one in the cupholder was on top of something else and was wobbling.

As I’m approaching the first stop light I look over and see a motorcycle cop, which just compounded my problems because now I have to figure out how to get my seatbelt on while holding a cup of coffee.

I managed to do it but only after spilling coffee in my lap… what a way to start the day, but at least I didn’t get a ticket.

I used to have a theory that you could tell the way your day would go by the drive into work, you know if you try to get around one slow car but constantly get held up by other slow cars then you should just count out being productive because your going to hit a lot of obstacles. If its smooth sailing, then the day will be effortless.

Thankfully I abandonded that theory a little while ago. I’m thankful for two reasons… 1) today would have been hell based off what I experienced and 2) the self fulfilling prophecy… if you think its going to happen you set yourself up for it to happen.

I managed to make it through an semi-awkward obligatory goodbye lunch for my boss. It was so off, I’m not even sure she wanted to be there.

And later tonight, dinner with an old friend I haven’t seen in 10 years. All in all a good day.


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