Day 323: Fabulously uneventful

Fabulously indulgent and remarkably unproductive days are worth looking forward to, and that’s what today was.

After a week of vacation and running around for parties and pet sitting duty I was ready for a ‘non-day’, and that’s exactly what I got.

I slept in, caught up on some recorded shows, took a nap and watched a few movies. In between all of that I managed to eat dessert before breakfast and lunch, and have a glass of wine with my dinner.

I’m feeling totally relaxed and ready to take charge and head into the week.

It’s amazing what a day like today can do to recharge the mind, body and spirit.

I thought about doing a few things around the house, or even a load of laundry, but nope… absolutely not. I didn’t lift a finger to do anything except eat, drink and put the movies in the DVD player.

While I was out returning movies today, I stopped by the dance studio and picked up a schedule of classes, that has me a little excited and a little afraid…. but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I also did some research and found out the chef has a girlfriend, so I guess that option is off the table, and since I haven’t seen Starbucks guy in a while I’m starting to feel like my options for dating are as dried and desolate as the desert in the heat of the summer.

Not that I need to have someone in my life, today was a fabulous day of ‘me time’ which I absolutely love.

But there is something to be said for having someone to spend them with or someone to just call and say hello to let you know they are thinking about you.

In that same regard though I know when I do have a boyfriend or significant other I will miss these days so I am going to enjoy each and every minute of them while I have the chance.


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