Day 322: Feeling like a teenager

Surprisingly enough I’m still feeling quite young even after the days events.

At work today I heard one of the adorable young girls in a different department is newly single, and all the guys are wondering if the rumor is true. Exactly what you want to hear when you’re 39 and single!

These things don’t happen when your 39. The boys just wonder what happened and then go on with their lives… and I guess that’s if they even care what happened.

Also today, the higher ups have decided in their infinite wisdom to cut out any overtime. Let me set the stage again for you in case you’re just joining in or haven’t been keeping track.

My bosses last day was three days ago, and the other producer has 8 days left before she leaves… giving me the work of 3 people and I’m no longer allowed to work overtime! Seriously?! These people are out of their minds!

The thing that makes it even more crazy, is that we have been allowed to work overtime the past few weeks when we’ve been fully staffed…. now where’s the rationalle in that?

We were also told to let someone know when we all go to lunch together, so they know why the department is empty. I quickly reponded with ‘does this mean when I’m the only one here I need to let you know when I go to lunch?’ It’s absolutely ridiculous sometimes…. whatever. I’ll just sit back and shut up and do my job… oh yeah… and the jobs of 2 other people…. but only in the 40 hours a week I’m allowed.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom and frustration today. I was able to secure a live in studio interview with Zac Effron… yes the Zac Effron. Now before you get too impressed all I had to do to get the interview was answer an email, but either way it’s happening and I’m the one responsible for it so I’m going to take credit til the cows come home!

On the drive home I was chatting on the phone with the Cheeleader and I told her about the interview. I think she squeeled into the phone! She was giddy like a school girl, and her enthusiasm and excitement was contagious.

She quickly said, ‘when is the interview? what can I do to look younger before then?’

I laughed and responded with ‘I don’t know what you can do but I’m certainly going to be the one to mic him up!’

It’s a running joke we have. When you are mic-ing someone you need to make sure the mic pack is fastened to their waisteband (near their butt) and the mic needs to be fed underneath the front of their shirt and clipped onto the collar of the shirt.

I’m going to embrace my inner bobcat and take care of that task… who am I fooling? I’m going to be the only one there so I’ll have to be the one to do it!

We had a good laugh and we hung up.

On the rest of the drive home I heard Katy Perry’s song ‘California Gurls’ on the radio and I found myself bee bopping along, singing and car dancing like a teenage girl with the car for the first time.

It dawned on me that I was happy… and I seemed a little confused by it especially with all the work stress that is about to be piled upon me. It’s not a typical feeling especially when I know when work is stressful.

Life experiences also have a way of putting everything into perspective.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t ecstatic or giddy, but I felt a little bit of happiness creeping into my life and I like it. I look forward to having more of it, and I think the Cheerleader will help me get there.


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