Day 321: Unexpected evening

What started off as a twitter event turned impromptu birthday party for one of my friends ended with an interesting turn of events.

My friend is part of a twitter group and invited some ‘crashers’ to help her celebrate her birthday.

It was a great chance to help her celebrate so even though it was a ‘school night’ I decided to check things out.

I hit the road after a quick cut and color with my stylist, and made it there around 7pm.

I found my friend bought her a drink and started mingling… before long I found myself away from the madness sitting outside on the patio at a table with my friend and 2 of her friends.

I was at least a decade younger than everyone at the table, but it didn’t seem to bother me.

During the conversation, a gal at the table said she didn’t want to know how old I was and I told her she would be surprised.

When I did tell her I was 39, she was ready to share her wisdom with me and I was ready to listen… anything to help me get into my 40’s and beyond!

She said “Wait until you hit the next two decades, you are not going to believe what is going to happen it’s wonderful!”

She was so excited she couldn’t contain herself…. “you’re going to take everything you’ve learned in your life and you’ll have the power to apply it to the rest of your life and you’ll be unstoppable!”

At this point, I was intently listening. She went on “Your a beautiful, smart, funny girl with a fabulous job! Men are going to be fawning over you and women will be in awe!”

This lady was so good I was almost excited to be 40!

I left my little pep talk and headed back inside to check on the party.

There weren’t a lot of people left, but we all introduced ourselves.

One of them was a strapping young buck that I had noticed earlier but didn’t think much about at the time.

Now was my chance to talk with him and see if I was interested.

We had a nice conversation and he bought me a drink. Before long the bar was closing and he asked if I wanted to grab a drink somewhere else.

My normal response would have been ‘no I need to get home’ and I’m pretty sure I did say that at least once, but he was persistant and asked again.

This time I thought to myself, “Why not? You have to live your life! Who cares if you’re out later than usual on a school night?!”

So off we went, we found a nice quiet place to have a few drinks and talk and we ended up shutting the place down at 2am.

We moved outside and continued talking, and we shared our first kiss, which led to a few more. The entire time I was thinking ‘What are you doing? You barely kiss on the first date and this isn’t even a date?!”

I really have no idea what got into me! I even said it out loud, to which my new friend said… ‘yes it is a first date and a pretty good one. In fact I feel like I know you 3 dates worth.”

Yeah I’ll bet you do… nice try big guy I know what happens on date #4 and it wasn’t going to happen on date #4 with me.

I’m not that girl. I have traditional values when it comes to relationships and I like to take things slowly. I guess I have a built in caution sign and it comes on early and doesn’t go off easily.

I’m pretty scared of getting hurt or taken advantage of so I end up holding back quite a bit.

He immediately jumped to plan B and said ‘then lets make out in the car for 5 minutes.’

I agreed, did I mention he’s cute and funny?

So we get in the car and I immediately go into ‘producer mode’, I look at the clock and it said 2:08.

We started kissing, and when we took a little breather I glanced at the clock and it said 2:12.

I gave him the 1 minute warning. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I wasn’t enjoying it, but I have to set limits with this guy.

His response? ‘That clock is fast.’ I had to laugh as I informed him ‘4 minutes is 4 minutes regardless if the clock is fast.’

This guy is charming, and has a quick witty sense of humor and I like it.

We ended things with him asking if he could see me tomorrow. Flattering? Yes… was it going to happen? No.

I already had happy hour plans with a friend and I wasn’t going cancel and I wasn’t going to see him after that… no way!

We left things with a ‘lets talk tomorrow’ and see what happens.

This guy seems like he has some potential… we’ll see.


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