Day 320: Midlife crisis or youthful spirit?

Why do I do this to myself? I’m not 26 anymore! Am I in the midst of a mid-life crisis? Or am I just regaining my youthful spirit?

I didn’t get home from my little ‘party’ until 3am! 3-A-M!! That’s absolutely insane!

On the drive home last night I kept telling myself I could sleep in a little later and make it through the day. If I could just get 4 hours of sleep I’d be fine.

Morning came quicker than I would have liked.

Why is it the days you want to sleep in are the days when you hear the alarm loud and clear and can’t get back to sleep?

I’m usually a 4 snooze button pusher, I set the clock ahead and the alarm back to give myself more time and to trick my brain. (That’s too much math for me to do in the morning to figure out what time it really is)

Nope, not today! Today the alarm clicked on at 6am, and I was wide awake, but exhausted. I stayed in bed hoping I would doze off again and get another hour in and as I started to drift off a bit a hear BANG…. BANG…. BANG!!! Then a few minutes later the same thing…. BANG…. BANG… BANG!!!

Then it dawned on me, it was the pest control company. I had scheduled a treatment between 6 and 630am, but not just any treatment, a termite treatment.

For those of you that have never had the joy of having a termite treatment, let me explain it to you.

They drill through the foundation of your home to get the chemicals in to take care of the savage little beasts.

On a good day, this is irritating, on a day like today it’s enough to throw you completely off your game.

So I jump out of bed, then I have to gather my senses and try to find something decent to wear to answer the door. I’m scrambling… I end up with an oversized Nolan Ryan t-shirt that I’ve had since 1984, and a pair of boxer shorts…. classy.

I get to the door and get the guys situated then I started to get ready, but I couldn’t think because the drill was blasting like a jack-hammer right outside my door!

Ugh… if this is how the day was beginning I couldn’t wait to see what else was in store for me. I gathered my things and left to grab a giant vat of caffeine to help me get through it all.

A few hours into work surprisingly I was fine, then about half way through I hit the wall.

The Cheerleader was coming to the rescue… I hear her say loud enough for a few people to hear “Wow! You don’t look so good. I think you should go home and go to bed.”

I had to admit she was right, but there was no way I was wasting my vacation time for a nap with a jackhammer in the background.

She continued on ‘No you look sick, I think you should go home.” One of the managers in a different department was walking by and looked over an nearly ran for the hills to get away from ‘Typhoid Mary’.

Somehow, someway I managed to make it through the day and to press on to happy hour tonight.

I had a great time catching up with my friend, but by the time it was over… I was done.

I don’t know what was worse on the drive home… that my eyes were crossed or half open from exhaustion.

Needless to say I called Fargo and told him there was absolutely no way I was going to see him tonight.

So we’re on for tomorrow, after yet another happy hour, this time with Mr. Wonderful’s mom.


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