Day 319: Loooong week

I managed to recover… at least slightly from my long evening, which is a huge relief.

It’s amazing what 8 hours of sleep will do for you. I’m not quite fully up to speed, but I’m feeling much better.

Thank goodness! I have another happy hour planned for tonight.

At work today I got a text from Fargo that said ‘Confirming that your coming over tonight’… no hi, or hello… it was like a business transaction. I didn’t quite know what to think.

So a few hours later I replied ‘Yes. I’m planning on making it over tonight. By the way… Hi :)”

I had to get the point across that its not acceptable to send a message like that without a greeting. I’m not a business deal.

As the day progressed, I got a few more texts. One of them said ‘what time do you need to be at work every day?’

At which point I start to think his mind is working with something to keep me up all night long so I responded with ‘8am… if you’ve got something up your sleeve I’m going on the record saying I can’t do two 3am nights this week ;)’

Turns out he needed a ride to the airport tomorrow. I told him I could be persuaded to do that for him.

On with the day I went, I finished work, then met up with Mr. Wonderful’s mom for happy hour and then it was off to Fargo’s place.

I was going to his house because he needed to do laundry and pack for his trip. I was reluctant, but trusted my intuition that he wasn’t going to chop me into pieces and put me into a suitcase.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, more for what else could happen and the message I could be sending. I just didn’t know what to expct, after our first night of fun, good conversation, and kissing.

After I arrived and he showed me around his place. When we walked into his bedroom I noticed a giant lump under the covers of the bed that was made. I thought to myself, ‘well it could be a body, or someone hiding under the covers… but that would be a little weird? why would he bring me in here if he knew someone was hiding under the covers?’

So, I asked… the reply was ‘its a body pillow I like to sleep with it’. What a relief, and kind of cute. But then again, what did I think it was?? And why would I ask if I thought it was something more greusome?

So we moved back into the living room and he said it was up to me what we did that night… we could talk, watch tv, watch tv and talk, watch a movie, you get the picture.

At one point I made a remark to the effect of ‘we’ve only known each other 48 hours’, he quickly piped in ‘actually it’s been 72 hours’. I don’t quite know what to make of that comment.

So I finally decided on a movie, and I chose “The Ugly Truth” and thinking it was a movie I’d like to see. So I threw it out there.

After saying it, I immediately said, ‘Oh… but it’s a chick flick. I’m sorry, if you want to choose something else we can. I like action/adventure too.’

But we were ‘on’ and there was no turning back. He was agreeable to the movie on one condition…. ‘I make out with him before the movie started’

I laughed and agreed because he is pretty cute, and I thought the comment was very quick witted and funny.

The movie is a bit much to watch for a few people who don’t know each other very well.

There’s the male character in the movie who keeps saying men are only interested in women for their bodies, and there’s the woman who is looking for the perfect man who will respect her for her mind.

I have to say there were a few times when I didn’t want to laugh, and I’m sure he was in the same boat.

But we both took it all in stride and the evening ended well. We said a quick goodbye… and much to my relief an early one which had me out the door by 11pm.

When I got in my car I had a text from my friend in LA, asking if I as up. I responded back ‘yes’ and she called during the drive home.

Her house as broken into and the jerks took all of her jewelry. So I ended up talking to her until 1am.

It didn’t seem too bad at the time, but when I went to sleep and set the alarm I realized I was setting myself up for another night of limited sleep…. ugh.


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