Day 316: No fireworks on the 4th

This morning I was cozy in bed, sleeping like a baby, trying to make up for all the lost sleep from the last week.

For once I managed to remember to turn the alarm off, and I was hoping to recharge my batteries.

The phone rings… and I’m in one of those super groggy states where I don’t really even know where I am.

I look at the number and it’s not programmed into my phone. I decide it must be Starbucks guy. I knew I was going to sound sleepy but I put on my game face and answered. ‘Hello’ ‘hi… good morning did I wake you?’

I was right, it was Starbucks, and he wanted to know if I had plans. I was planning on meeting up with Sunshine for a cocktail and to watch fireworks for the 4th but the middle part of my day was free so we decided to meet for lunch.

We headed down to a cute little wine cafe… one of my favorite places in town… and the perfect middle ground for both of us.

I had all morning to get ready, but in my true procrastination style, I decided to wait until the last minute.

I could have done a load of laundry, but I decided against it. Thank goodness I went shopping a few days ago and picked up a cute dress that would be perfect for the occassion.

The only problem was it had been in the shopping bag since then and it was wrinkled. Sure I could have dusted off the iron, but that wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ironed something.

It was on to the second best option, Febreeze! Spray… and brush out the wrinkles… spray… brush out the wrinkles…. and on and on until the dress was wrinkle free. Unfortunately I was now high on the fumes from the spray, not to mention I was now going to smell like Febreeze when I went on the date…. not the most alluring of scents.

I have to say I was a bit nervous going on the date, partly because I had downed a small pot of coffee and hadn’t had anything to eat.

I walked in sat down and the date began. We talked, enjoyed a few glasses of wine, and noshed.

The conversation was pretty good, as long as I was asking the questions. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the guy who wasn’t asking questions because he wanted to talk about himself, or because he wasn’t interested in me… I think he was just really nervous and maybe out of practice.

I squeezed in some information about myself where I could, hoping something would spur him to action… and nothing.

At one point I stopped talking, thinking that might force him to ask me something or bring up another topic to talk about and you guessed it… nothing.

When we left we shared a hug and the obligatory ‘I had fun, we should do this again’. You can’t just tell someone as your leaving a date that you don’t think its going to work out.

I mean you’re going to have to be a pretty big jack-wad for me to do that to you. But is it any better to not say anything and then just blow them off? I don’t know? I suppose I’d probably like the blow off version better, but I like to live in the land of denial.

It was back home and then off again to celebrate our nations birthday with Sunshine.

Hanging out with Sunshine sometimes gets me into trouble, and I was very much aware of that tonight.

I was driving and I didn’t want to get caught, so I was being careful.

We bellied up to the bar and the bartender was smitten… ‘what can I get you ladies?’. We both opted for beer, ‘Miller Light & a Stella please’

A short time later the bartender turned around and looked at Sunshine and said ‘you look like you want a shot!’

True to form, Sunshine said ‘you know it’s funny you say that, because I was thinking about a shot!’ That’s the thing with Sunshine, tequila shots always seem to come up when it’s time to party and tonight was no different.

The bartender says, what would you like and starts asking to see what they still had left at the bar… then he turns around and looks into a cocktail mixer and says ‘how about tequila and jameson?’

I adamemtly say ‘no!’ but Sunshine says, ‘sure I’ll try it!’ The bartender decides to add some cola to it, to try to make a drink out of it, and he makes one for both of us.

I was leery, because I don’t have a great track record with whiskey. The three times I’ve had it, I’ve broken 2 toes, and ended up sobbing on the couch because my college boyfriend got into a fight at a party… none of those options was looking very appealing to me.

She tasted first and said ‘its not bad, I wouldn’t drink it every day, but it reminds me of something my grandfather would drink.’ I decided to take a sip and quickly decide that I’m out.

We both had a few more beers and Sunshine kept sipping on her Irish-Mexican cocktail, while we made friends with a few more people including the management.

The manager of the bar asked if we wanted shots, thankfully Sunshine didn’t hear him.

Things winded down, and we decided to take off, we got in the car and I looked at the clock… 1:39.

I had escaped a crazy night with Sunshine (not that I mind them, just not when I’m driving), but not another late night, but it was all worth it.


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