Day 309: Aaahhh family time

Sleep was the name of the game today. After getting to bed at 3am last night I was due for some much needed beauty sleep.

Seriously what is going on with the 3am? I can’t believe I’ve had yet another 3am night. This is getting out of control. When I get back home I’m going to have to settle down, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do that.

I would have been happy to stay in pajamas and lay around the house all day, and when I realized the baseball game was on… I was pretty much in heavan.

There’s nothing better than laying around on a lazy summer day watching baseball while you’re dozing in and out of consciousness.

To top it all off… rain was coming into the area. I haven’t seen rain in so long, it’s always a welcome sight.

After lunch the Glamour Girl decided to jet off to see some more high school friends that weren’t at the reunion, which gave me some family time.

Our family time is never much to write about. We just lay around and hang out, chatting and catching up.

This trip however was going to be about planning my dad’s 80th birthday party coming up in a few months.

Unfortunately we never really got around to it. I guess I thought we were all going to get together to do it, minus dad and my brother didn’t show up until later.

My dad is a bit of a character… ok… so he’s a big character. One of my favorite sayings from my mom is ‘if you think they ever grow up your sadly mistaken’. That is a direct reflection of her experience being married to my father for more than 50 years.

He is the eternal child, and I always look forward to hearing the stories about his antics.

This weekend was no different. As I got home, my sister proceeded to tell me I need to ask about the purple oppossum. Yes… the purple oppossum.

Little did the creature know what he was getting himself into when he stepped foot into my dad’s garden. I guess the little guy got in there and started eating my dad’s corn, so he set a trap.

He ended up catching the critter and decided he was going to take him further out into the country and let him go, but before he did he wanted to make sure the oppossum didn’t come back… or I guess if he did… he wanted to know it was the same one. So you guessed it, he spray painted a stripe down his back.

In case your wondering, so far no sign of the little guy.

This is just one small story to sum up my father. Needless to say I’m a little concerned about bringing a boy home, if and when I do find one. He’s a wonderful man, just a little eccentric… although that is what we love about him.

Fargo did send me a text a few days ago, asking about my week. I told him I was back home and that was pretty much the end of the texting. I guess that means the balls in my court.

As I walk around my parents house and think about the little I know about him, I think he would get along really well with my family.

I realize I’m putting the cart about 2 miles ahead of the horse on this one, so don’t think I’m lining up to marry the guy, but I am thinking about the characteristics he has and his personality. If it doesn’t work out with him, I’ll know what to look for in the next guy.

Although being Irish may be all it takes…. Fargo is Irish…. and so is my dad. I think there is something about the Irish that makes you a little bit of a prankster and comedian. I have to say I like it…. but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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