Day 306: Big star.. big movie

Work is buzzing about Zac Efron coming on the show tomorrow.

People asking if they can bring their kids, others asking if he can see him, coworkers are posting it on facebook, and the phones at the front desk are ringing.

Most of my day was spent tying up loose ends and trying to make sure our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed, preparing for any potential crowds.

After work it was more Zac Efron, I was meeting up with the Cheerleader for a special preview of his new movie Charlie St. Cloud.

We are often invited to watch previews of the movies before the guests come on the show, I have to say it’s a perk of the job that I greatly appreciate.

We sat down daydreaming of 2 hours of beautiful abs and spent a few minutes catching up.

Then the movie started, and I don’t think either of us was prepared for what we were about to experience.

The movie is a drama and one that impacts everyone in a different way. Early on there is a tragic moment, and we both cried… and most of the theater did too I’m sure.

But as the movie went on, we kept finding ourselves crying more and more.

It wasn’t a continual cry, but there were moments that would catch us both off guard and it would start up again.

She would see me cry and knowing my history, she would cry for me, she would also cry for her own reasons, then I would see her crying and know she was thinking of me which made me cry more. We were a mess!

We ran through the napkins we grabbed for the popcorn, then I broke out the tissues I had in my purse.

When it was all said and done and the movie was over, both of us were still sitting there crying together while the rest of the theater cleared out.

After the lights were raised we were still sitting there trying to ‘get a grip.’

I believe ‘we’re idiots’ cam out of both of our mouths repeatedly, because no one seemed to be a visibly moved as we were.

At one point she looked at me with tears in her eyes and a tissue in her hand and she said, “Our lives should be a “f’n reality show.”

We both laughed, because she’s right, and it was pretty funny.

Two grown women feeling like a couple of perverts expecting to watch a teen heart throb with his shirt off for 2 hours, ended up like a couple of hormonal old cougars with red eyes and mascara running down our cheeks.

We also talked a little about why it was so emotional for us. The movie is about dealing with death and finding love, two very emotional topics for me.

I thought I had gotten past a lot of it, but the dialogue in the movie was quite powerful for me.

At one point in the movie Zac’s character “Charlie” is talking with his brother “Sam” who is dead, when Sam says “I feel like I’m losing you — your moving away from me, I can feel it when you don’t think about me as much.”

That moment was very intense for me, because I can definitely relate. It’s hard to let go of someone you love, you don’t want to let them go because you feel such a close connection to them. You also feel a sense of guilt by moving on because there is a sense that it means their life was not insignificant.

But in reality you do need to live your life… something I’m just starting to do again.


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