Day 305: Mars v. Venus

It looks like another one bites the dust.

I tried to recover with Fargo, but apparantly it didn’t work. He hasn’t exactly been quick on the responses… but neither have I… and I haven’t heard back since my last text yesterday.

Perhaps texting is the problem, or maybe its the age that is the bigger issue.

This is a bit of what happened with the 26 year old.

I suppose it’s only fair I’m getting blown off, because it is what I have done to the Starbucks guy. I guess that’ll teach me, karma does come back to bite you in the butt sometimes.

I’m also starting to think that younger guys may not be the best bet for me. But I am stuck in the middle somewhere.

I feel young, and I want to hang out with young guys because guys my age seem old.

I just can’t be with someone who seems or feels old.

I met up with some friends tonight for happy hour. Back to Blue Martini and back to the Skinny Bitch martini, which is quite tasty and evidently not too horrible for the waistline.

I met up with my PR friend, my BFF, and a fellow producer at a competing station. The other producer has been dealing with a break up since I met her a few months ago.

My PR friend kept bringing up all these books she said I told her about a while ago. I was so confused… Mars and Venus… He’s Just Not That Into You.. all the relationship analysis books.

It all started coming back to me, I do remember reading and analyzing those books, and passing along my expertise to my friends if they could benefit.

Now I’m sitting across the table realizing I need those books again while I’m looking at my friends who are married, and in a serious relationship. The hindsight is 20/20 thing is so true.

While we were there, I was the only one at the table who didn’t get hit on. Talk about feeling like chopped liver! Wow! When did that happen?!

Although I did decide as we were sitting there listening to an 80’s cover band, that I will try to give a fake phone number the next time I’m not necessarily interested.

That number will be the number from the song ‘Jenny’, 867-5309 and see if any of the guys recognize it. If they don’t, maybe they are too young to know the song, or just won’t pick up on it.

Either way I guess it won’t matter because the reason I’m giving them the number is because I’m not interested.

Who knew a simple happy hour could be so enlightening for dating?


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