Day 304: Big Winner!

Work is so much better than it has been in the past 3 1/2 years I have worked in my department.

I feel like I’ve been freed from prison! It’s unbelievable, but I still feel cautiously optimistic that everything will stay the same.

After work the Cheerleader, and one of the other girls at work headed out to a spa event.

We grabbed our goodie bags, and went in to check out the raffle items.

I decided to put my ticket in for a liquor basket (surprise) and a gift certificate for an event planner.

The event planner is not something I would have chosen, but I do have a 40th birthday party to think about, even though it’s 10 months away.

I was one of 3 tickets in the running so I figured ‘what the heck?!’

It was time for the drawing so the crowd started to form.

They started calling numbers, and as my prize started getting closer I look over at my friends and I see the Cheerleader say ‘we need to pray for her to win the event planner’.

I laughed a little and they did too as the Jew and the Mormon joined hands and prayed for me to win the big prize where I had a 1 in 3 chance.

They drew the number but sadly I wasn’t the winner. I blew it off and just figured it wasn’t meant to be for me on this one.

None of us won anything so we went into the gift shop to take a look around. Not too long later the girl doing the drawing sought me out and told me the girl who won turned in her prize and she was giving it to me!

Whoo hoo!! Winner winner chicken dinner! Now I have to throw quite a shin dig for my 40th birthday party because I have a party planner.

I guess it was in the cards for me this time.

Maybe I should hire her for Christmas in July party which I haven’t even remotely planned. Yikes! T-minus 1 week and counting for that one.


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