Day 300: Crazy boob day

Oh my God do I need a cocktail… STAT! The word for today is ‘crazy’…. in every sense of the word.

There was a lot of running around from one thing to the next one task to the next.

It was one of those days when you don’t have or make time to pee.

Seriously! I’ve said it before, but how does life get so out of control that you can forget a bodily function?

Part of the day, and reason for the word of the day were the pictures of boobs.

Yes, once again we have a plastic surgeron paying for a spot on the show and they are using pictures.

And once again, that means I get to sit in a small dark room staring at pictures of boobs.

Big ones, saggy ones, flat ones, and of course the ‘afters’ which are all perfectly perky.

The photos we’ve received in the past were already censored, with black bars in the necessary places and it was up to us to crop them and add more black if needed.

But not today, we’re talking full frontal nudity for the most part.

So now I find myself sitting in a small dark room with a sliding glass door looking at pictures of boobs.

If anyone looked in I’m sure they would have called HR.

I thought about putting up a curtain or something to block the view into the room, but that creeped me out more than the thought of someone looking at me while I was looking at boobs.

I felt like adding the curtain would be like sitting in a peep show!

Adding to all of it… I didn’t know how to add the black bars, so I had to ask for help from one of the guys in our department.

He is married so it’s not like there is awkward sexual tension… its more the awkwardness of being in a room with a boy looking at boobs at work.

Some of today’s photos needed some censoring… which I needed help with… and that meant I needed to call in one of the guys in our department to train me.

Talk about inappropriate and awkward work conversations. I kept saying ‘seriously in what work environment is this normal?’

Our conversation progressed and we determined it depends on who you were talking to as to the response you would get.

For him… most of his friends would probably react with ‘really?! You get to look at what all day?! Are they hiring?’

As you can imagine, my friends would have a different response.

Adding to the boob drama, I felt it was courteous to ask my new boss if he wanted to see the edited photos before we put them on the air.

I asked not because I wanted to show him boobs, but because these types of photos have been a topic of discussion and analysis frequently in the past.

When asked, he responded with ‘hey, I’ve seen them before. I’m a guy you’re asking me to look at breasts? I’m ok with that, but I trust your judgement’.

Well, thanks for that…. I think?

This is just one of the situations where working in tv is not like any other business on the planet.


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