Day 299: The mini-payoff in the game of chance

It’s no surprise, but work has been terribly crazy recently.

I’ve been talking about it for days. Dont get me wrong I’m ok with it because I do think we’re all moving in the right direction.

I feel like I’ve been released from prison… at least partially. I do still feel like there’s a string on my back that could yank me back at any point in time.

Do you ever have one of those days where everthing is just a little ‘off’?

That was my day today. It started off ok. I had my iced coffee made last night so all I had to do was grab it and go.

I woke up in plenty of time, managed to dry and straighten my hair, and make a sandwich and I was only a few minutes late for work.

But it all started when I got to work. It seemed like everything started piling up around me.

I delegated a few things and managed to make it all work, then after the show it all started again.

I was feeling overwhelmed and needed to get out of the building for lunch… even though I made my lunch. Thank goodness I have a cat who needs medication. Write the day down… I never thought I’d say that one that’s for sure.

I took off and went to pick up the medication, while I tried to scarf down my sandwich on the drive.

A few cars pulled into the pet pharamacy… oh yes there is such a thing… at the same time I did.

One grabbed the quick 15 minute parking, the other took one of 3 remaning spots along one side of the very tight and small parking lot.

I pulled into the one next to it and looked up to see a sign that said ‘Reserved for x’. Sure I could have stayed there, but knowing my luck the guy would pull in and get pissed off so I decided to move.

Since it is a small parking lot, I was now required to do an 8 point turn to get out of the parking space and turned around so I could find another.

I honed in on the last remaining spot in the parking lot and took off hoping to beat anyone else to the punch.

I made it and hopped out of the car, only to see the other 2 cars pull out of the lot. They didn’t even go inside! Really? When does that happen?

I went inside picked up the drugs and it was time to head back. I knew it was a tight parking spot when I pulled in, but little did I know I was now required to do a 12 point turn to get out of the spot I pulled into.

It was a miracle, but I made it happen without hitting any other cars. Whew… I was home free! So I took off… only to run over a curb… twice. Again I thought to myself… really?

Oh well hopefully the worst was over, and I think it was for the most part.

But that event pushed me over the edge. All I wanted to do was get out of the building and try to de-stress… but instead I was starting to feel trapped.

So in my infinite wisdom I decided this was the perfect opportunity to text Fargo. I know.. I know… let them chase you… well today I didn’t care, and I knew he would be up for a drink.

I just kept saying this one phrase to myself… ‘what would you do if you knew you could not fail’.

It’s one of my favorite phrases and I’ve held it close to my heart these past few years because in most cases it hasn’t let me down.

So I texted… ‘I am in desperate need of a cocktail. Want to meet up after work for a drink? No pressure… but I think you do owe me for a ride the airport ;)’

It was perfect… cute… kind of sassy… and friendly. How could he say no?

Well he didn’t… but it didn’t happen today. He’s booked for the next few days and I have so much to do for my party that we settled on early next week.

Hmmmm… I’m still not sure exactly what to think about it all. I’m pretty sure he’s not terribly interested because if he was he would have contacted me sooner but I’m also not convinced it still couldn’t happen.

However this phrase is also close to my heart, ‘If they want to see you they’ll make time to see you it’s as simple as that’.

Meanwhile, the might be gay guy also emailed me back, and we’re all set for late next week.

So one confirmed, and possibly 2 dates next week. Not bad.

Although one could be an obligation date because of a ride to the airport, but I’ll take what I can get right now because thats the one I’m most interested in.

Again it’s also the one that is probably the least intersested in me… but that’s pretty much how it works.

Either way, I’m still proud of myself for listening to my gut and sending the text. It did pay off this time… it may not in the long run, but that’s ok… because its all about living and taking chances.


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