Day 298: Men and the makeup counter

I always do my best thinking on the way to and from work and today was no different.

On the 20 minute drive I started thinking about Fargo, and how I would approach our get together for drinks.

Should I go for it and overtly show him I like him by planting a kiss on him when I see him? Play it safe and wait for him to make a move? Or… go middle of the road… get a little flirty to show him I’m interested and wait for him to make the move?

I know how I would normally respond, and that’s to play it safe but nothing ventured nothing gained at some point I’m going to have to take a risk in love… but is this the right time?

I suppose even if it doesn’t work out this time, I still make progress and gain practice toward future risks.

After all of this internal dialogue in my head I was hit with my favorite phrase ‘I will not obsess… I will not obsess… I will not obsess.’

And I have plenty of time to figure this out, because I have bigger issues to worry about over the next few days… first and formost getting my Christmas in July party ready.

I’ve been decorating all week, but I also keep feeling the need to procrastinate all week so I’m definitely not as far ahead as I’d like to be but that’s par for the course.

At lunch today I grabbed a few things the host of my show was letting me borrow, and took off to run a few errands.

One of my tasks was to stop by the doctors office and pick up some products for my face.

While I was waiting to check out I looked over and saw what looked like a Halloween decorating sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting room.

It didn’t make sense to me, so I did a double take, and realized it wasn’t a decoration but a real person!

It was an older woman slumped over in the chair wrapped in a plaid blanket of some sort, but her face looked plastic or like wax. When I first looked at it I thought it was a jacket a farmer or someone in a rural area would wear…. it completely threw me off but luckily I figured it out before I left because I think it would have baffled me for a while.

Then it was off to the mall to grab some powder.

I decided to ask the girl behind the beauty counter about different foundations, and she proceeded to take me to 4 different cosmetic counters and show me all the different products that were available.

This one has this, this one has that, this one has both, by the time I went to pay for my powder I was so completely confused I didn’t know what to do.

As I walked out to my car and sat down I thought to myself, the cosmetic counter at the department store is a lot like men.

There are so many different places to get your makeup, all sell the same products, but each brand is a little different.

Just like you can find a man at the grocery store, church, or a bar.

Even when you find the place you like to get your products there are so many different variables within those products it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

If you’ve had good luck with men you’ve met at church there’s a pretty good chance you will find another one, but which subtle difference would you like this time? And which one is going to be the perfect fit for you?

It’s all so confusing. No matter how much you trust your gut, sometimes it all comes down to timing.

What works for you now may not work for you in 10 years… it’s exhausting.


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