Day 297: Christmas in July Eve

It is Christmas in July Eve and I’m beat.

It’s a good thing I’ve been working on the decorations for a week otherwise it would be a sorry state of affairs at the party.

I did manage to plug away at the decorationg. Out came the two rubbermaid containers full of holiday decorations.

I started to pull them all out, the rotating Christmas tree powered by candles, the Rudolph character set, Herbie the stuffed animal, candy containers, you name it, I broke it out.

And I have to say it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

I went to lunch with the Cheerleader today, and she asked about the boys.

I gave her the quick rundown of what was happening with each, and then asked for her advice with Fargo next week.

Her response? ‘Just do what’s natural.’ Genius! I know that’s the right answer but I also want to branch out and try something new…. break out of my comfort zone.

I have to say I’m also starting to get super irritated with mini-vans.

One cut me off on my way into work yesterday, and then today I had one pull out in front of me only to go about 25 miles an hour in the 45 zone… I was probably going at least 50 when it happened…. grrrrr!

Seriously what is it about the people driving these heinous vehicles?? It’s like they think they own the world and everyone should get out of their way.

Just because you have a child doesn’t make you king of the world. Ok, I’m done with my tirade.

I know not everyone who drives a mini-van is like that (because I have plenty of friends who drive them too), but it sure seems like the ones I’ve been running into lately have been.

Maybe it’s a sign? Am I supposed to slow down so I can have my own family? Nah, I’m sure that’s not it, because I am having a great time running and gunning right now.

Although it is making me tired, and I’m not sure I could handle a family.


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