Day 294: Quick trip to bobcat-ville

So all day today has been leading up to my ‘drinks’ with Fargo.

I was so busy at work I forgot for a while, then I got a text at about 3:30.

‘Are we still on for drinks?’

I resonded with ‘yep, if you’re in I’m game’

His response ‘Sure! I’ve got an appointment at 5, and basketball at 8, will 630 work?’

My response, ‘Sounds good. Where do you want to meet?’

Him ‘The sushi spot by my place’

Me ‘perfect, I’ll see you there at 630’

I held up at work for a while, chatting with the Encourager about a project we’re working on together, then freshened up and headed to the sushi place.

Along the way I called Sunshine. She interviewed for the open producer position in my department and got the job, but I wasn’t able to say anything until she knew she had it.

At about 630 I hung up and walked into the sushi bar. About the time I got a table I got a call from Fargo.

His appointment was running late and he wanted to switch the venue to a restaurant across the street, apologizing several times. I agreed and hopped in my car.

I pulled up and walked in, and saw him at the bar.

I sat down and it was a lukewarm reception. I’m sure if I planted one on him he would have been ok, but we opted for a hug with an air kiss on the cheek.

Then he introduced me to the guy sitting next to him… who was the guy he had the business meeting with.

I was a little taken back, but then realized that guy was also with another couple, but I still thought he may have switched the venue to stay in the ‘safe zone’.

As I sat down we started up the small talk. He asked how my weekend at home was and I responded with ‘oh it was eventful’ and proceeded to tell him about my brother dating a much younger girl.

He said ‘oh wow ok so how old is she?’ I replied with ‘I’m not sure… 23? She graduated in 2005’

He said ‘So, how old do you think I am?’ I said ‘I don’t want to guess I’m really bad at those things’

And he quickly comes back with ‘so are we just going to go on pretending we don’t know how old each other is?’

And I said ‘well you know how old I am, you asked me that night we met, and I have no idea how old you are’

And so it went… until I finally broke down and guessed his age based off on conversation about a month ago.

I said ‘I am going to guess 31?’ I was erring on the lower end of the spectrum, although I doubted 32 was a reality.

He laughed and said ‘no…. I’m 24’. I was stunned…. seriously?! Twenty.. f-ing 4! Are you kidding me?! My mind was racing… all I could think about was the 26 year old a few months ago… what in the world was going on?! I thought that was a fluke… and I certainly didn’t think I’d ever date anyone younger than that!

He settled me back into reality with ‘does that freak you out?’ All I could say was ‘uh… no… I don’t think so’ as I stared a hole in the bar in front of me and became very thankful there were 2 glasses of wine sitting in front of me.

Wow…. I thought about the 26 year old… and tried to convince myself it wasn’t that much different… but wow… all I can say is… wow.

Saved by the bell… or the vibration at least… he got a call from his brother and went outside to take it.

I immediately hopped on my phone to text a few of my ‘besties’ that I had let in on my drinks date.

‘OMG He’s 24!! Seriously?! I don’t know whether to be flattered or go into a deep depression!’

They all started to text back… ‘that is freakin’ funny’…. ‘OMG you ARE a cougar!’ all I could do is laugh… seriously… is this my life right now?! I guess so.

So we keep chatting and he orders some food to go and asks if we can come back to my place. I agree… reluctantly… I think it was the wine talking.

But I also know I can hold my own, and I’m not afraid of doing it.

So we headed back to my place… he headed into the bathroom and I didn’t think much of it.

Then I went in and looked on top of the dirty clothes hamper… where I occassionally throw my dirty clothes and what do I see?? I pair of my granny panties!

Seriously? I freaked out a little… I had them on yesterday because I was in complete comfort mode after the big party. I was mortified. At best I would hope he didn’t see them, but if he did, there was nothing I could do about it.

I came out of the bathroom and we proceeded to make out a little.

He kept trying to push things to ‘the next level’ but I perservered. I know my will power is stronger than most and I am fine with keeping things in check…. and I did.

At one point, I noticed he was wearing Christmas boxer shorts! Again with the weirdness in my life… he didn’t know about the Christmas in July party until I met him at the restaurant tonight.

What are the odds of that? So freakin’ strange! That has to mean something… right? Or is God just laughing at me?

Things calmed down and he looked up and saw a picture frame on the wall.

It holds a picture of Mr. Wonderful, and it says ‘When someone you love goes to heaven, a little piece of heaven is in your home.’

He saw it and asked who it was that I lost… and he kept on with the questions. I was surprised, he wasn’t freaked out about it at all.

Surprising… of the few guys I’ve told, most are pretty awkward and freaked out about it. And rightfully so. I can’t imagine being on the other side of that conversation, even after being through it, but Fargo seemed to ‘get it’.

We talked, and he had lost someone close to him as well, so we seemed to bond a little.

Then we turned to the awkward place. He asked if I was freaked out that he was 24. I tried to play it cool.. I told him I dated a 26 year old last year…. and then asked how he felt about it.

His response? ‘Can I be honest?’ I replied with ‘absolutely’… and he came back with ‘it kind of freaks me out’. I laughed… and agreed.

My trip to bobcat-ville was short lived today… just a pit stop for a quick snack… no real time to stop and stay… wow… Twenty f-ing 4!

So we discussed where we go from here. He offered up friends with benefits, which I quickly shot down. ‘I’m not that kind of girl.’

He again tried to get me to go all the way with him… to which I quickly responded with ‘Nope I’m not that girl’ he said ‘I know your not…. I don’t like those girls.’

So I said ‘then why do you keep asking?’ His response? ‘because I’m hoping you will turn into that girl.’ I had to laugh. This is why I like the guy. He’s quick and witty and pretty dang funny…. too bad he’s not a decade older.

Man what is it with my luck right now?! I guess it’s up to the might be gay guy at this point.


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