Day 293: Haunting reminders

I’m still struggling a bit with the 24 year old thing, and it seemed to haunt me a bit today.

I saw a text from someone talking about the show ’24’, then one of my work friends started talking about a ‘young girl… she’s 23’. Before she made it any further in the story I said ‘right… young’… and she started laughing.

By the time the afternoon hit I was really starting to feel like a pedophile!

It didn’t help that I spent most of the afternoon in a Safety Committee meeting.

Oh yes, there is such a thing and somehow I was nominated for it.

It is like a scene from the tv show The Office. There is safety committee humor, that really isn’t that funny… talk of adding more signs all over the building to make sure people remmeber to slow down, and not fall down the stairs.

I know… it doesn’t sound like something you need to tell people to do, but evidently everyone in my building is racing for the door to escape.

I swear by the time they’re done with all the signs our office is going to look like one giant two story Nascar. Not to mention the safety hazzard of not being able to watch where your going because you’re reading a bunch of signs.

It’s no surprise I zoned out as I sat there in the meeting. As I looked around the room I spotted a guy I work with who hit on me at a party last year.

At the time it didn’t seem to be such a good idea… given my current track record… I did take a nanosecond to rethink it, but then figured it must be all the safety humor getting to me.

Once I was free, there were a few more comments. One text message said ‘I told you to stay away from the high schools’ Hardee Har har

Its a good thing I can laugh about it and make fun of myself. Seriously if you can’t then what’s the point?

Then someone else offered up the voice of reason. She said ‘hey, it’s not like your going after these guys. They are coming after you!’

Someone else chimed in ‘it’s all your fault you know… because you look so young.’ ha ha… yes its not the first time I’ve heard that, but it still doesn’t make me feel much better knowing it could happen again.

And considering they keep getting younger and younger… I’m a little scared!

I guess I’m going to have to beef up the screening process.

The list has been pretty short so far. My only tool of guaging the age has been whether they get the Smokey & Bandit reference for my cats.

If they’re old enough to know the movie, we’re good.

I realized today, that is not exactly the case. Both the young boys I’ve ‘dated’ have known the movie…. so I guess its time to throw that one out the window.

At least I know I’m ok with tomorrow’s get together with the might be gay guy. He is in his early 40’s so at least I’m safe there, well at least that’s one thing off my check list.

Now if only I could nail down whether he’s straight… ugh… this is exhausting!


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