Day 291: Violated laughter

What a crazy day.

Imagine if someone said they were going to handle your work, and then they decide they aren’t going to do it… they tell you they aren’t going to do it and then they literally run away from you.

Sounds reasonable, and it probably happens in a lot of workplaces every day.

It happened to me today, but the twist is the girl who did it to me, left me with 10 seconds to get my work done.

Yes, 10 seconds! It’s not an exageration, it was 10 seconds, this happened in a few different ways several times today.

It was absurd, and by the time it was all done, I felt violated…. really and truly violated.

It’s hard to explain because the tv world is so much different than most businesses, but it’s also why I love it. You take the good with the bad.

Despite all of the drama, we laughed a lot today.

One of the reasons was a bit of a snafu. The Cheerleader was waiting for 50 bags of potato chips for an audience giveaway. Well they arrived yesterday, and she was so excited!

We were laughing so hard at her because of her reaction. She was so happy about the chips because she thought they sent them to her because she answered a ‘tweet’ asking about favorite potato chips. She thought they looked her up and because she’s a big deal, they sent her all the chips.

She was like the Oprah of the snack world… she was handing them out to everyone. At one point she said ‘I don’t know you, but I like you, would you like some chips?’

Well today, she read her work email that said she should have received the chips for the giveaway. You should have seen the look on her face.

We all laughed so hard at her! We laughed even more after we sent an email out to the entire staff asking for any unopened bags of the chips to be returned. What a bunch of goobers we are!

I had planned to go the a party tonight celebrating a new store opening here in town, but mid-afternoon I started to think I would bow out.

I was torn, because there were complimentary goodie bags for going and you can’t go wrong with that right?’

Well I was going back and forth with one of the girls about whether I would go or not, and she was trying to help me decide.

She said ‘do you get any free clothes?’ I said ‘no, but there is a complimentary goodie bag’. All I heard was silence…. then she said ‘a nut bag?’ Then I’m pretty sure there was silence on my end. I was thinking to myself ‘did she just say nut bag?’ And back and forth it went for the rest of the afternoon. We were like a bunch of teenage boys… it didn’t matter how many times we said it, it never got old.

Later in the afternoon it started to rain, and in these parts of the country, rain is equivilant to a blizzard.

About 30 minutes before quitting time I started craving a corndog with mustard and that sealed the deal, I wasn’t going.

I was in desperate need of a quiet night at home on the couch. Deep down I guess I’m a homebody and I’m ok with that… tonight at least.


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