Day 249: The facebook comment

Facebook is an ugly little monster, sure it has some nice qualities. You can see photos of your friends families and keep up to date on their lives, but it also has a dark side, and I experienced it today.

So maybe I’m being a little melodramatic but this one but what else am I going to say about having to post a comment about sex for work?

Again, work proves itself to be the land of inappropriateness.

We just launched a new show with a large social media component, and since it’s a new show they don’t have a lot of people commenting yet.

That means they rely heavily on anyone sitting around them to help and that’s what happened today.

A family therapist came on to talk about sex, specifically talking to kids about it, or teaching them about relationships, you get the picture.

Problem is there weren’t any comments, and I know the family therapist, so she asked me to post something.

I said ‘come on! I’m a single woman with no kids, this is going to look like I’m hitting on teenagers.’

She persuaded me otherwise and force fed me a question about what we should be teaching our boys about sex, so I oblidged, I’m such a sucker.

Sure it was a harmless comment, but in a way it’s not.

That comment can live there forever. Not only do I look a little like a freak asking about boys and sex when I don’t have any children, but what if there’s some crazy super geek that I want to date who finds the comment and thinks I have a kid?

I know I’m overreacting a little bit here, but it’s not unheard of.

Back in the day when the phone was used to talk, I remember giving a guy my number and he called to ask me out and my cat was meowing in the background.

Evidently it sounded like a baby crying or a child in some way, because I had to try to convince the guy I didn’t have a kid.

We went round and round.
Him: ‘I thought you said you didn’t have any kids’
Me: ‘I don’t’
Him: ‘Then what’s that I hear in the background.’
Me: ‘It’s my cat.’
Him: ‘It doesn’t sound like a cat, it sounds like a kid.’
Me: ‘Well I don’t know what to tell you, it’s a cat.’

I’m not sure, but I don’t think we ever went out.

So think about this… forget cats sounding like a child crying…. now I sound like a crazy cougar!

In hindsight I suppose I should have said I was asking for a friend, but then again is that any better? ‘My friend’, we all know there are no friends when you bust out that comment.

All of the stress of work is really catching up to me. By the time I got home, I felt a little like Quasi Moto. My right shoulder is so tight and full of knots it keeps getting closer and closer to my ear, which means I’m a little lopsided.

All of the tension is also causing a headache. What’s a girl to do? Bust out a bucket of frozen margaritas that’s what you do!

After cooking a nice meal of whole wheat pasta with marinara and ground turkey I kicked back on the couch and had a few scoops to relax me, and it worked.

Whoever invented the margarita in a bucket is a genius! And quite possibly my new hero.


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