Day 216: Where’s the cougar belt?

Where’s my cougar belt when I need it?

Shortly after I got to work today I got a call from the Coffee Fairy. She simply said ‘thank you’.

I had no idea what she was talking about, so I said ‘o..k…. why?’ She responded with ‘for having male models on the show’ Again I was confused.

I knew we had a fashion show, but male models didn’t quite seem right so I took a quick look and noticed there was one male on the list.

I confirmed with her that there really was only one, because a gang of male models would require some extra attention on my part.

When it was appropriate I took a quick run through the studio and greeted some of our regular guests, all the while keeping a close eye out for the ‘hottie’… but no luck.

After the show started I saw him, and surprisingly I recognized him from fashion week. He was adorable, tall, dark and handsome with sleepy bedroom eyes and a pouty little mouth.

I have to say the mouth didn’t quite impress me, it almost looked like he’d had some ‘work done’ which is kind of creepy on a dude to begin with add a young dude into the mix and it’s even weirder.

But it wasn’t a deal breaker that’s for sure. All I could think about was, ‘where is that belt when I need it?’

There’s something about it that makes me feel like I have some superhuman power. As if I can take on even the youngest (not too young) and hottest of men without batting an eye or breaking a sweat.

For some reason it gives me a sense of confidence in some weird way.

Clothes can definitely make or break your attitude that’s for sure, but I never thought a belt could have that affect on me alone.

My timing must have been off because I wore it yesterday. I pointed it out to my director because I knew she would get a kick out of it, given my recent history with young guys.

During the show she said to everyone involved with the show, ‘hey everyone check out her belt, it’s a cougar!’

Great… now I’m going to feel the need to explain my inside joke with the rest of the world… or not. I suppose I could just laugh it off and call it a day and that’s what I did, because I was feeling a little grouchy.

It’s not a belt that literally says ‘cougar’ but it does have a design of a cougar or some other feline type animal on it, so it’s subtle… like me 🙂 No need for explanations.

I can’t quite put my finger on why I’m so grouchy today. I guess it doesn’t matter why it happened some days you just have a grouchy day, and this was one of them.

It was so bad I adopted a Grinch finger puppet I received in a press kit as my mascot. Somehow seeing him made me feel a little better, like we were kindred spirits for the day.

His fur comforted me and seeing his grouchy face was comforting. And when I made him dance for Sunshine that cheered me up a bit too.

Later that night, I sent the wine guy a message, despite not really wanting to talk to anyone. He was super nice and sent me a link that he uses to cheer himself up. It was absolutely hysterical! Once again with the humor,

I’m a sucker for the humor mostly because it’s rare I find someone with the same type of humor or someone who ‘gets it’.


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