Day 215: Candy necklace survival

Talk about feeling like Cinderella.

I know I really need to let that go, the prediction has come and gone, but somehow the symbolism remains.

We had a high end jeweler on the show today and his security guard brought plenty of extra jewelry.

The Cheerleader had some on, Sunshine was sporting some, and by the time the show was over one of the other guests was wearing some too!

My director and I sat in the control room feeling like we were second rate. We decided we could work much more effective and efficiently if we were wearing those diamonds too!

Later in the day Sunshine got an email from the security guard (I think he has a little crush on her), he sent her pictures of her wearing the jewelry and she sent them to me.

They were lovely, and she looked gorgeous in $350,000 worth of jewels.

But something in those photos made me want to look in my snack drawer. I needed candy… something sweet… I needed something to comfort me.

I opened up the drawer, and there it was… sitting next to the Hershey bar, and candy cigarettes. Staring at me as if mocking me and the events of the day.

A Flintstones candy necklace.

I grabbed it and ripped it out of the wrapper, I had to eat it today, it was too funny!

I gingerly pulled the string elastic to its max breaking point and gently slid it over my hair and onto my neck, and then I got Sunshine’s attention.

Ok, so it wasn’t gorgeous diamonds, ruby’s, and emeralds but… I could eat it! Which is much better, at least for the moment.

She laughed and then I took it off and started to work gnawing away, savoring each sugary bite.

After work I headed to a new restaurant opening to try the food and wine pairings.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a plus one situation so I was going to have to make friends.

When I walked in I was immediately grouped with 2 other people. One was a guy I worked with 8 years ago, who didn’t immediately recognize me and the other was a producer from a competing station.

When our tour was over we started with the small talk. I refreshed the memory of the guy and he said I looked familiar, and the girl started asking questions about one of the other shows on my station.

I’m a pretty reasonable person but I am also very loyal, so when she said our new show was ‘unwatchable’ it was all I could do to bite my tongue.

Thankfully I was having a pretty good day, and I hadn’t had more than one glass of wine.

Who says that to a complete stranger? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, especially because the show she works for isn’t exactly an Emmy award winner if you know what I mean.

But I decided against it and remained polite for the sake of my friend who was in charge of the get together.

When it came time to sit down for dinner I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to sit next to her.

Instead I was parked between 2 women with a wedding magazine… perfect…. and another magazine editor.

At one point in the evening one of the women was having conversations about my former bosses ‘ugly divorce’, and talking in general about some current and former co-workers.

I looked the other direction hoping for some sort of excuse to join their conversation… they were talking about planning a wedding.

Great… that was the point I decided to stare at the wall straight ahead and enjoy the rest of the wine that was placed in front of me.

Thankfully I’d eaten every ounce of that candy necklace! I think the sugar helped make me a little sweeter…. or the sugar coma I was in earlier returned.


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