Day 204:The lack of communication age

To put it bluntly… Monday’s usually suck, but today was different.

Perhaps it was from the lack of sleep or because I was in a good mood from my date last night, but for some reason I was in a very calm and serene mood instead of my usual ‘I need a vacation mood’.

These days don’t come around very often so I decided to go with it… no questions asked.

Work was a well organized 3 ring circus of chaos, but it was good. It was a well orchestrated plan that I didn’t have to do very much to coordinate, because Sunshine took charge of everything.

That’s a good thing, because the day after tomorrow she’s leaving on vacation and I’m on my own for week and I can use the calm before the storm.

On my way back to the station from lunch the phone rang… it was the Cowboy from the bar over the weekend, so I decided to pick up.

I have to say it was a pretty lopsided conversation. He wasn’t doing very much talking, and I had to pick up the slack to avoid any long… uncomfortable silences.

I get that texting is the way of the world, but come on people… you have to talk to get through life!! It should not be this hard!

Am I that intimidating?? Surely not? I’m just a small town girl from the midwest and some of these guys can’t even form a sentence without typing it into a phone.

Surely I’m not the only woman in the world who has noticed this trend. I don’t need a phone call all the time, but if you are going to call, don’t freeze up. Have a list of questions to ask… something… anything… I beg you!!!

He seemed to calm down a bit after I kept talking to avoid the awkward silence(s)… and eventually asked if I wanted to go to lunch someday this week.

I agreed… mostly because lunch has a specific time frame and I know there will be an eventual escape.

Although if I have to do all the talking I could starve to death, and I have to say that’s not exactly the way I want to go.

‘Oh she died of starvation on a horribly painful date where she had to continue talking to keep the conversation alive’

Too bad we can’t have a cocktail, that always seems to ease the tension a bit.

I am starting to feel a bit out of control right now. I really don’t think I have ever dated this much in my life!

I don’t know why I feel the need to be this crazy in the dating world, all I can say is it must be my age and the looming threat of 40 that is fast approaching.

When I mentioned all of this to the Coffee Fairy today, she said ‘you should try to go on a date every day next month!’

I quickly shut her down on that point. There is no way I have the energy to do that, but I like her spunk and enthusiasm. Ten years ago I may have been up for the challenge but not these days.


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