Day 203: Ready for what’s in store

The best thing about a long day is the quiet night at home that follows.

Today is Sunshine’s last day before a week vacation, and my boss has to go to an out of town work conference next week leaving me all alone.

To top it all off, the news department needs some extra help for elections so I may have to jump in there too.

I’m exhausted and frustrated before any of it happens.

I know I shouldn’t worry about impending doom but on some level if I don’t I could get blindsided and that could be even worse.

I was running around all day and didn’t have time to think, and I’m so exhausted now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

When I got home I was hungry but I didn’t want to cook, so I loaded up on Pirate’s Booty and crackers and dip while I cooked dinner.

Not a good idea. There is certainly something to the saying don’t fill up on snacks or you’ll ruin your dinner, because as I’m sitting here I’m so full I think my belly is going to burst.

Now that’s a genius plan that went down the drain quickly.

I have no idea what got into me… outside of the Pirate’s Booty that is.

As I’m sitting here watching Brother’s and Sisters I am noticing several messages.

Kitty lost her husband and is dating again. She ends up with a guy who is totally not her type and her brother calls her out on it.

It struck a chord with me, because it reminded me of when I jumped back into the dating world and started my trip to Bobcat-ville about a year ago with the kindergartner.

I haven’t thought about him in months, and then this past weekend I was adding something to my calendar and there it was staring at me like a neon sign…. his birthday.

I have no idea how it got in there. I think it links to a BlackBerry somehow, because we certainly didn’t date long enough for me to remember it.

Even though it wasn’t more than just a few dates I am glad I did it, I had to test the waters, and I suppose there is no better way to do it than with a 26 year old where you know it’s not going to go anywhere.

After her brother called Kitty out on the guy not being her type he followed it up with ‘It’s ok, I’m just happy you’re jumping back into it.’

And I am too, as much as I think about the life I could have had with Mr. Wonderful it’s time to put it aside, which I have done.

Later in the show Kitty’s mother quoted Joseph Campbell saying ‘you have to give up the life you’ve planned to find the life that’s waiting for you’.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have no idea what is in store for me but I’m ready for it… I think.


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