Day 199: Peter Pan goes for sushi

Early this afternoon I got a call from the Encourager.

She was meeting a small group of friends for sushi then heading to a work Halloween party. She invited me to come along.

At first thought I was going to stay home. She didn’t give me much notice, about an hour and a half to be exact, and once I hit a certain point in the night if I’m home… I’m home.

But the more I thought about it, the more I decided I needed to go. I was just complaining about doing nothing or having everything all at once. And I had been at home all day cleaning, and just keeping to myself.

I was in, then it was time to figure out a plan.

What was I going to wear? I wasn’t going to the party so there was no need for a costume… or was there?

The more I thought about it, wearing a costume would mean I wouldn’t have to worry as much about all the things that usually bog me down and make me late…. finding a cute outfit… getting the hair and makeup right… it’s exhausting.

I might as well take advantage of the situation and find a costume.

Ok, done… time to go into the vault and see which one to wear.

I love Halloween so I always have a few costumes sitting in the closet…. just in case. Today was one of those days.

I pulled out the Peter Pan costume, complete with a tiny Tinkerbell on the shoulder. I haven’t worn that one in a while.

Tights… good… it’s got a hat…. I won’t have to worry about the hair… good. As long as it still fits we have a winner!

I gave it a quick try and I was in luck. Although it is a bit shorter than I remember, it still works, but thank goodness there were tights.

I hopped in the shower, did a quick retouch on the makeup because Peter is a boy so no need to go crazy there, pulled the hair back and voila! I was ready for a night out on the town.

I knew there was a reason I loved Halloween! Outside of being able to be someone else for a day, you have a ready made outfit which is pretty cool too.

The Encourager can run late from time to time, so I sent her a quick text. ‘Please I beg of you, let me know if your’e running late’

I pictured myself sitting in the lobby of a nice restaurant, the only one in costume, waiting for the rest of the group to get there, while the all of the customers stared at me like a caged animal.

She said she would text me when she was leaving so I felt better.

Ends up we both arrived at the same time, and I was pleasantly surprised the employees at the restaurant were dressed up too!

What a fun night! At one point during dinner the Encourager looked at me and said ‘you’re so cute! you have a sparkle in your eye, you really love this don’t you?’

She’s right., especially the Peter Pan costume. It was my favorite story growing up and it still makes me happy. Not to mention it’s terribly appropriate since I feel the need to hold on to my youth for eternity.

Another point in the evening I turned Tink’s head toward the conversation at the other end of the table. When the Encourager noticed she laughed hysterically.

Having Tink on my shoulder like a guardian angel or a tiny companion. I know I sound like a weirdo but when I’m wearing the costume I do feel like I need to acknowledge her in some regard, and include her because that’s what Peter would do. hee hee

After a few rounds of pictures, we were walking to our cars and the Encourager was beside herself with happiness. The entire evening was a bit of an afterthought but it all worked out.

She called me last minute and I still made it out in costume, one of the other girls had just returned from a week in Ireland the day before and she made it, the 2 other girls happened to be free and were able to come too. Sometimes the best plans are the ones that aren’t planned at all.

On the way home I was turning a corner and the bells under Tink’s dress made a noise, I was reminded I wasn’t alone.

It also took me back a few years to an encounter I had with a tarot card reader, who told me I would know the next person is the right one ‘it would be like Tinkerbell’ she said.

I must have had a strange look on my face, because she went on to further explain herself, ‘he may be wearing something with Tinkerbell on it, or maybe he likes Tinkerbell’ at that point, I tuned out and discounted the experience.

I’m pretty sure I’m not even going to look twice at a guy wearing a Tinkerbell t-shirt, and if for some reason he waited to break it out until I knew him better, I think it may just be a deal breaker.

I laughed to myself thinking about that experience, yet also thought somehow Tinkerbell may have something to do wit it somehow, just not in the way she was thinking.


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