Day 194: Age gets in the way of living

I had another dream about the youngster at work. I have no idea why this keeps happening but it’s a bit disturbing to me.

The guy is like 25… what in the world is my subconscious mind thinking?? It’s bizarre. I’ve barely even talked to the guy and it’s not like I look at him and think wow theres a hot guy.

Sure, he’s good looking, most people on tv are, so nothing new there. And it never fails every time I have a dream about the guy I seem to run into him 4 times in the day, when I never see him otherwise.

I suppose there is that theory that I see him just as much when I don’t have the dreams but I only notice him when I have the dreams.

Either way it’s really starting to bother me. I feel a bit like a pedophile… not to mention a cougar. It could just be a part of ‘growing up’ and getting older. I guess there’s probably some hormones kicking in I don’t know about.

At work I’ve never been so happy to see another co-worker. Sunshine was just that… a ray of light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel that I had been traveling down alone for what seemed like eternity.

But now that there were people around me again I felt like I had new life, if only I had the energy to sustain what my mind was thinking.

You know you’re getting old when that one long night (elections) puts you out of commission for the entire week.

It’s not like I’ve done anything else over the last week besides that, and I can barely function.

I head home after work and relax, and then it’s off to sleep then back up again for work… the stop at Starbucks for the ‘vat’ of coffee to help get me through the day.

Yet somehow I’m still staring at the computer screen trying to get my brain engaged enough to do the work of the day.

Getting old sucks.

Because I can’t engage my brain, it takes longer to do the usual tasks which of course frustrates me. I should be able to produce 3 shows in the amount of time I’m there, but I just can’t do it ‘in my condition.’

I was hoping to get out of work early to make up for some of the extra time from Tuesday and to get to a happy hour the Cheerleader was organizing.

Unfortunately because of my slow brain I wasn’t able to so I had to bail. The worst part was I really… really… needed a drink.

Oh well that’s how it goes sometimes…. age gets in the way of living.


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