Day 192: A busy and relaxing day

I have never been so happy to see a Saturday. Ok at least in recent memory I guess.

Massage, party, then meeting the wine guy…. I had a good day planned.

When I pulled out of my driveway to head to my massage I was reminded I was out of gas… perfect.

Then as I drove down the road I saw my neighbors had 9 tables set up in their front yard, and each had about 8 chairs at it…. great…. there’s going to be a party tonight.

Party means loud music, people parking in front of my house and me getting anal about where they are parking and what is going to happen…. it all equals no relaxing for me. I’m going to have to learn to share and give up control eventually.

The massage was great, but I had a new girl this time around. She did a good job, but she used a LOT of massage oil. I felt like a greased pig!

When I got up to leave I could see giant grease marks on the sheet. SO not attractive. I wanted to go home and shower off all the oil. Once at home the oil sank into my skin and where it didn’t I was able to grab a makeup remover cloth and clean myself off.

Then it was off to the party. When I walked in I saw one of my former co-workers who was laid off in the big cut backs, then I looked across the table and saw a fellow producer from my news days. Wow! What a surprise to see her, it had been about 3 years I think!

I stayed for a while and then filed out with the rest of the peeps. Even though I left with everyone else at the time the party was shutting down I still felt like I wasn’t there long enough. I could have stayed longer, but I had plans with the wine guy.

We were meeting at the ‘farm’ for a wine event. I was excited to see him again outside of the work restrictions.

I’m a much different person in and around work and while I appreciate meeting up during work because there’s no other time to do it…. and it’s that or nothing…. I’d much rather meet outside of work.

We tasted wine and hung out while he worked a little… all in all… another good time… with a few laugh out loud moments.

After a quick make-out session, which was pretty nice I must say., we looked out and saw a beautiful sunset starting to form. It was a romantic moment…. but sadly it was time to go home. I kind of wanted the night to continue but I was really tired too, so going home was good.

I was surprised to see my neighbor’s party hadn’t started when I pulled into the house, and even as I sit here at 930 I still don’t hear any music.

I don’t know if that’s a good sign…. no one showed up…. or a bad sign… they’re all showing up really late and the music will be going all night long.

Only time will tell on that one.


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