Day 189: The Target flirt :)

What a long day… meeting with the boss a station meeting and trying to get ahead of the game before vacation is a lot to pack into one day.

Speaking of packing… it’s approaching midnight and I haven’t even busted out a bag.

Unfortunately the Coffee Fairy’s plan of throwing everything black into a bag isn’t going to work this time, because I haven’t done my ‘darks’.

I am just going home, so I suppose I could take my dirty clothes and wash them at my parents house. I realize I’m 39 years old and that really shouldn’t be an option but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Or I could just take the more realistic approach of not planning what I’m going to wear because I will only have a few small events to go to where it will make a difference. My dad’s birthday celebration, church, and the flight home.

But I am excited to take my brand new motorcycle jacket with me, because I think it may actually be cold enough to wear it there.

So now I can relax, all I need is 2 pair of jeans, a few t-shirts and 2 outfits and I’m golden. The rest of my days will be filled with comfy clothes… or at least I hope they will. I always look forward to completely vegging out when I’m home.

My bigger stress is trying to find someone to medicate my cat while I’m gone. I’ve got my 2 standby’s who are always good if they are in town.

One of them is good but the BFF called tonight and had a few things come up so I need to find someone for her days.

Perfect… and I thought cats were low maintenance. Most are, but certainly not mine. That just wouldn’t be fair. Why is it I end up with the 1 1/2 year old cat who needs medication twice a day.

There must be an underlying life message for me to learn somewhere in there, which will become evident at some point I guess.

After work I was running all over town trying to finish up the last minute errands I didn’t get to over the weekend.

Winter is a double edged sword here. It’s nice because the weather is cooler, but it sucks because when you’re spending time outdoors it’s dark and you feel like you should be at home.

That was the case tonight. The last thing I wanted to do was be driving around town picking up my dry cleaning and tampons but that’s where I was at tonight.

As I was checking out at Target I heard this little voice behind me saying ‘hello’… ‘hello’…. I turned to look and there was this curly haired little guy sitting in the cart.

I’m not sure if he was directing his greeting to me or the cashier but she wasn’t paying attention to him and so I decided to jump in and say hello back. He seemed to appreciate me acknowledging him.

After I paid and grabbed my bag I was about 5 feet away from the counter and I heard the little voice again… this time he was saying ‘bye’… ‘buh buy’. He was absolutely adorable, of course I waved goodbye and headed out the door.

Now that was well worth the trip into the store, even after a long day at work and the darkness surrounding me outside.

As I walked to the car I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit to myself given my past year full of youngsters hitting on me and in some cases dating me.

Wow they are getting younger… if only he was 20 years older… lol.


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