Day 186: Tag team shopping

The clock is ticking and my sister and I are under the gun to get the decorations for the planned and organized so we headed out to the nearest party store which was 30 minutes away and when we got there it had closed.

So what are 2 girls going to do… we decided to relieve our pain and anxiety with a little retail therapy of our own of course!

We headed into the shoe store and went to work.

I don’t know what I was thinking, my bag is so jam packed I can’t fit anything more in it but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

I found a cute pair of brown flats to replace the ones I have that are very ‘loved’.

Then i started eying a pair of boots. I don’t need another pair of boots. I have booties, shoeties, calf boots in black, brown, and camel… pink boots, even short mid-calf boots dressy; and casual and I live in the desert!

The last thing I need is another pair of boots, but they were really cute 🙂 I decided to pass mainly because they absolutely will not fit in the bag. Although I could wear them and try to fit the smaller shoes in the bag…. hmmmm…. I could go back I guess.

After our shoe shopping excursion we took off to find a party store, armed with a GPS and that’s about it.

I looked in every category in the GPS to find a party store, and came up empty. Since I don’t know the specific names of any party stores here I was out of luck. So I jumped on my phone and tried it’s GPS system. Voila! I had the names of several party stores, so I called one and asked if they had what we needed or if they were more of a rental store.

A lady answered the phone ‘hello’.

I asked ‘is this the party store?’ she replied ‘yes’, so I proceeded to let her know we were from out of town but were planning a party and what we were looking for… she let me know her store was no longer in business but filled me in on a few other stores to help us in our search.

Only in the midwest are people this friendly and helpful…. ok maybe its not the only place where it happens, but there is something about that midwestern mentality, they really kick in to help.

We found the store and got most of what we wanted and a little more, creating ideas as we walked through the store. It’s good that we think alike it makes things a lot easier.

There were still a few more things to get so we headed out to the nearest discount chain to grab them. Once inside I remembered I needed to get an SD card for my camcorder.

So we popped into the electronics department where I started nosing around to find what I needed.

I only saw 2, which surprised me. About the time I was going to go in search of help I heard an older gentleman say ‘do you need some help?’

I was in luck! So I started in ‘yes, are these the only SD cards you have?’ before the question was even fully out of my mouth he had walked past me to the end of the aisle. I didn’t even see anyone standing there!

It’s like we were invisible! We were the only 2 people in relative proximity to the man it was mind boggling! We both started laughing, and my sister says that happens to her a lot too.

It’s no wonder I have a complex that people don’t know me or don’t recognize me.

The rest of our shopping excursion went very well. We were a well oiled machine honing in on each item. If I didn’t know where it was she did…. so we were darting in and out of aisles picking up the scavenger hunt list of items… kool-aid… jello… gingerly…. dinner mints… nuts.

It was a team effort, it was the quickest I have ever been able to finish shopping. If I was there by myself I would have criss crossed the store 14 times and it would have taken an hour and a half. It makes me appreciate being a team, and having a list to follow too.

We were done, and now all I needed was an SD card. I gave up after being ignored at the last store, and there was a large electronics retailer very nearby so we decided to head over there.

What a difference! I felt a little like royalty. I think were were in the store all of 15 – 20 minutes and I had 4 people ask me for help. It was a little too much…. there is something to be said for moderation.

So much for the complex right?


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