Day 184: The post birthday hangover

The birthday is over and it’s time to wind down.

I spent the day sleeping in, and relaxing.

But I forgot about one very crucial detail of the day… cleaning up after the party. We ended up back at the party location packing up the extra food and all the other goodies we left behind.

After that my parents had a 50th anniversary party to go to then my sister and I were going to go Christmas shopping with my mom.

Instead we ended up napping and watching football all day.

There was so much food leftover we felt obligated to eat… and eat… and eat.

Green bean casserole, candied carrots, potato casserole, chicken covered with cheese, pork tenderloin, salad, rolls, and cobbler.

We gorged ourselves.. twice!

I haven’t eaten that much food in one day in a really long time.

While my belly and my pants didn’t appreciate it, it was good for my psyche to sit back and relax.. snoozing when I could and eating anything and everything I could.

Only 1 more day off and then work is going to take off.


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