Day 182: The circus of work

Aaaahhhh, back to work.

Sometimes going on vacation is more of a pain than it is a privilege. Getting ahead before you go, and catching up after you’re back sometimes makes you wonder if it’s all worth it…. this time it was for sure.

A few of our regular guests and co-workers make it easy to come back.

I was happy to see the Encourager on the show today. She is always so upbeat and happy, and she has such good energy it makes her fun to be around.

It made coming back to work a little happier.

Today was one of those shows that make you love your job… it also makes you feel like you’re working in a 3 ring circus.

I was fielding calls from a lady talking about entities, Poltergeists and a book… she needed help today…. she was going to die… I needed to call her immediately.

I had several voicemails from her, some were a little more coherent than the others, but none made any sense whatsoever.

Who in the world would send this call to me?? There’s no way she had my name and number, in the first call she didn’t mention a name but she must have had enough clarity to pick it up from my outgoing message.

Thankfully I learned a long time ago not to answer my phone unless I am expecting a call, or I recognize the number.

The Grinch also stopped by the studio and true to his Grinch form he belched, showed his rear end, and may have even farted on the air. It was hysterical!

And it was definitely one of those moments where you say ‘is this my job?’

When the show was over I chatted for a bit with the Coffee Fairy. She was having one heck of a day. Everyone was calling the station upset about some network programming.

They were upset about the results of a reality show we air, as if there is something we can do about it!

People are crazy! They call us for anything. I once had a guy call me in the middle of the night asking me how to keep his pipes from freezing.

That’s crazy on so many levels. The first being I live in the desert, our pipes don’t freeze, and secondly just because I work at a tv station doesn’t mean I have the answer to every question on the planet.

We are not Wikipedia!

I don’t know how the Coffee Fairy deals with all the crazies all day, every day. She deserves a medal as does everyone in her position.

At least she got to hang out with the Grinch today.


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