Day 180: Good times with friends

When I walked into work the red light on my voicemail was lit.

Before the crazy lady started calling I didn’t dread seeing it as much as I do today.

There’s no way to avoid it so I might as well just listen. Sure enough, two more calls, about 2 hours apart.

I’ll give her an ‘A’ for persistence that’s for sure. Today there was a little more clarity in her thoughts, she is still talking about the entities and poltergeists but evidently now she needs a book editor and I’m the one she has targeted for the task.

What a beautiful way to start the day. Every time I get one of these calls I am reminded how crazy the rest of the world is, and I have to tell the Coffee Fairy about it.

She should be given a medal for her patience. She talks to them all day every day. When I started to tell her I had a few more calls from her she piped in with a few stories of her own.

I love her stories! Evidently there is an insomniac that like to call… the Coffee Fairy says every message starts with ‘hey guys, can’t sleep… ‘ and then he proceeds to talk until the voice messaging system cuts him off and he does this over and over again all night.

She said she’s going to send me one of his messages so I can hear it… I can’t wait. Every once in a while you get those calls where you just want to know or see the person on the other end of the phone. This is one of those cases. My lady on the other hand… not so much.

After work I was meeting up for a little ‘girls night’. We were going to a holiday shopping extravaganza. It was myself, Perky, the BFF and her sister, a nice low maintenance group.

We walked in and just as I suspected it was a lot of jewelry and fashions set up inside an outdoor tent at a resort.

We heard rumblings there was a ‘sexy Santa’ running around. I laughed and said ‘yeah I’ll need my picture taken with him’. Just a few short minutes later we saw him…. he must have been all of 20, and he was working it.

He was trying to make sexy eyes as he asked if we wanted a candy cane from the basket he was carrying, but it really wasn’t working for him.

The BFF asked if I still wanted my picture taken… I immediately answered ‘no’. Holy cow I’d feel like a pedophile!

We agreed to walk around and meet up at a specific time. I started off on my journey and kept getting run over by other women. As soon as I’d see a table I wanted to check out, sure enough before too long a gaggle of gals would come up and crowd the space. That’s my cue to leave.

Too many women drive me absolutely bonkers. I can’t handle the constant chitter chatter and pushy, self centered-ness of it all.

So I took off down an aisle that seemed to be empty. Then I saw my favorite boutique ladies. They have been on the show before and I bought my favorite bracelet from them at Fashion Week a while back.

Ahhh… a break from the insanity.. not to mention cute jewelry! I have been looking for a cute black bracelet and I knew I could find one in their mix. So I started looking, and before I knew it, a wave of ladies came by. I thought about chucking it all and moving on, but I held strong, and before I knew it they were gone.

I ended up with 2 more bracelets from them before heading on to another booth to check out even more bracelets. It was a bracelet bonanza for me! I think I have an illness, why so many bracelets? I feel naked if I’m not wearing one these days and I have no idea where that comes from.

After the shopping excursion we headed out to eat. where the conversation turned to moms. I feel for these 3 ladies. Perky’s mom is coming to live with her for a few months…. the BFF and her sister’s mom lives very close to them and she wants to see them all the time.

I have the luxury of a few state buffer from my mom, not that it matters, we’re all pretty independent and do our own thing. And my mom doesn’t really drive me that crazy… but it could be because she’s so far away.

Later the conversation turned to dreams, and the BFF mentioned one where she was a teacher, and Mathew McConaughey was also a teacher. She said ‘I have no idea why Mathew McConaughey was in my dream and if he was… why wasn’t he naked?!’

We all laughed… and I think we chimed in with ‘and why weren’t there bongos?!’

As we got up to leave Perky told us the bartender across the restaurant heard the BFF’s comment about the naked McConaughey and he looked up as if he was stunned to hear those words out of a woman’s mouth. That made us all laugh a little louder.

After spending an evening of shopping with a bunch of what I would call ‘crazy women’ it was nice to round it all out with some quiet time, and good conversation between good friends.


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